Friday, April 15, 2011

Rainy Friday...again?!

Hey y'all!! I just stepped in from another rainy Friday. It seems that every Friday I do Flo Critt stuff it rains. Tonight we went with the girls to The Gardenside Baptist Passion Play. To be perfectly honest, none of us were really excited about going to the play but it was actually a REALLY impressive production. The stage set was  awesome, the cast was huge and pretty talented and it was overall a good time. I had never been to this church before but glad we got to join the girls for the evening. Although the play was about 2 hours long, which is a tad long for a church musical play.

Today was a boring, unproductive day. I woke up and got my long run on. 11 miles, VERY SLOW for me, took me about 1 hour and 48 minutes to do 11.25  miles. Afterwards I took one of my eternal post run showers, the ones where the hot water runs out, which then forces you to end the wonderful warm shower. And then I studied for about an hour and then passed out on the couch. Michael's theory behind long runs is that for every mile you run you deserve 10 minutes of sleep, so I deserved about 110 minutes of sleep, and I probably got that. The run definitely took it out of me.

Michael ended up getting home very early today so we watched our netflix movie that we have had for a few weeks and then I headed off to the play. That's about all for today folks, enjoy your Friday evening, I'll probably be catching up on our Thursday night shows tonight!

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