Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Torrential Tuesday

Hello readers!! So today was a rain, rain, rain, rainy day. I mean it rained all night and practically rained all day, and I believe it was due to me extremely horrid no fun exam I had today, because about the time we finished the exam the sun decided to come back out. The exam was AWFUL. Apparently no body passes this first exam, so it should be interesting. You know what else? After a 2 hour exam our professor decided she wanted to teach for another HOUR after. AHHH!

Anywhoooo, onto a few other things, good things... like....:

Yesterday I had already written my post for the day so I didn't get to include this husband was super awesome and super sweet because he could tell I was uber stressed about my test. When I asked him what he wanted for dinner he said you pick. Which normally results in a groan from the indecisive me but his statement was not complete. He actually said, "You pick, I'll MAKE you anything". Emphasis on the word MAKE! awwww love it!! Well anyway, Michael's mom had given us some breakfast sausage patties (she randomly gives us food, which I love) and I thought we could put them to use by having breakfast for dinner. And then Michael came up with an even more brilliant plan.

Biscuits and Gravy!! Neither of us had ever made gravy before (yes I know it's not that difficult but it's something new and different from our normal cycle of food) but Michael was willing to take on the task while I was studying and it turned out great. He also scrambled up some eggs to go along with it and I threw a bowl of grapes out on the table to munch on. The dinner was delish, and I'm a proud wife! Here are a few pics, yeah I know gravy is kinda gross to look at in pictures but it's proof!

See!! Isn't he awesome?

-Also, another good thing to help cancel out the awfulness that was my exam today was that
1. Steve stopped by - He never stops by anymore and it was great to see him and talk to him!! He even joined us for good thing #2
2. We went to ORANGE LEAF..yum.... it was Steve's first time and he really enjoyed it too! It was  PACKED as usual and chaos but oh so delish!! I got pomegranate, blueberry, and vanilla (they didn't have coconut today) with granola, strawberries, coconut shavings, and a few butterscotch chips.
3. Coach Cal was walking INTO Orange Leaf as we were walking out. And I got so excited. I have this thing with "celebrities" (who really aren't THAT huge of celebrity) and freaking out when I see them so I got excited. But then I reminded myself, we came to orange leaf cause it's about a mile from our house, its also about a mile from Coach Cal's, he's a normal guy...geez Ashley!

See even my friend Kayla spotted Coach Cal at Orange Leaf. He frequents it often. AND you know what is funny?! Steve thought that Coach Cal was an investor in Orange Leaf, I'm guessing cause he goes there so much!
4. NETFLIX + LAZINESS because of test = A handful of Ugly Betty episodes watched. I started watching the show on Netflix cause I had never seen it before and now I'm getting pulled into it, I think I've watched 14 episodes from the first season (not all today, in the past couple of months!).

Well that's about it for today, may try and watch a little more Ugly Betty so that I can continue to not do anything productive. I like it. It's nice. Good night!

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