Monday, April 18, 2011

Ants bring out the worst in me!

Hola has your Monday been?

Well I spent most of the morning studying for an exam that I had this afternoon, vacuuming, OH and KILLING ANTS!! OH goodness, you should have seen how enraged I was today while killing ants. So how did we get the ants? No idea, last night we returned from bible study to find our kitchen counter to the left of the sink and next to the stove COVERED in ants. GROSS!! I just feel so dirty when I see them. Well we sprayed the whole counter down twice with cleaner and they were gone for a bit. Then I woke up this morning and HELLO I now have ant friends again in my kitchen. I attacked with the vicious windex multipurpose cleaner. Screaming, DIE ANTS! and I HATE YOU! and look out look out wherever you are!! My killing spree only resulted in the use of multiple paper towels and spray because every time I came back to the kitchen they had returned. Wellllll friends, I am a very lucky girl. Thank you to my awesome bible study group I now have an entomologist (the dictionary defines them as a zoologist that studies insects) friend. He happily came over with his beautiful wife after work and delivered his special ant killer with petri dishes that he had burned holes into to keep the food in. The ants will carry this stuff back to their homes and they will allllll dieeeee!!  Hopefully this stuff will do the job. I cannot handle these ants!!

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