Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday is not Funday!

Hello friends!! Yet another Monday where I do not have much to tell you about.

I started it off with a 4 mile run, as you approach the race during the week of you slowly decrease your mileage. Well either I am not fully prepared or became lazy because I was a running stuffed pinata of Easter candy, either way, my run was stinky. My legs felt like lead and I just wanted to lay down on the sidewalk and nap.

I spent the majority of my day at school working on a group project and trying not to fall asleep while studying until class, which I sat in for a little over 2 hours still trying to not fall asleep. I have had this semi-headache annoyingness all day and I just want to SLEEP yo!

Then I had to head to the grocery for food and ANT KILLER (AKA Raid) where I encountered a multitude of people that I decided should not have their licenses because they are incapable of driving safely in parking lots. RUDE!

As soon as I got home it was RAID time. GOODBYE Ants, you are not welcome back at the Kasten home!! Although, I think the Raid may have caused my headache to worsen. BOO!

Sidenote - does anyone else have multitudes of caterpillars outside of their house?! We definitely do, those sneaky furry buggers are trying to crawl up our house, in our doors, on our welcome mat....GROSS....  I saw AT LEAST 10 of them as I was carrying in the groceries! I used to think they were fun and cute and I think it was until the time that I figured out they were on me by feeling their nasty hair on me and it freaked me out. So no caterpillars in our house please and thank you!

We just now finished up dinner, I had to wait for Michael to return from playing tennis with his friends and we had delish fish filets, au gratin potatoes, and Zucchini!! Michael and I LOVE zucchini, I could probably dominate one on my own easily! We finished up dinner with a small slice for me and a HUGE slice for Michael of his mom's chesscake (not cheesecake ..CHESScake)...aka...pure fat and sugar..but yummy...but now I feel like I need to brush my teeth. caterpillars!

Anyywhoooo that's about it for today. I've got to get back to studying for my big exam on Wednesday, and BEC is quickly approaching on the 5th! Enjoy the warm evening friends!

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