Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It wouldn't be a picnic without ants

ANDDDDDDD the ant saga continues...gross, gross, double gross. Today I returned from my loonnggg day at school to find our counters COVERED with ants once again. Lets just say my mood changed instantly.

The part that really perturbed me was the fact that when I went to lift up my black kitchenaid mixer it was covered with at least a hundred ants...EWWWWW!! I screamed and told Michael to come down immediately and then the craziness ensued. We had to determine their source. They were everywhere now. And totally grossing me out.

I convinced Michael to pull out the stove because it seemed like they were coming from behind it. Well we pulled it out and saw the nastiness that was under the stove but couldn't determine whether or not they were coming from there. So we cleaned up the area underneath and then went to move the stove back. went to move the stove back. went to move the stove back. No, I'm not repeating myself, we literally kept trying to move the stove back and it wouldn't fit back into its place between the counters. Michael became SUPER frustrated during this process. It probably took 20 minutes at least to get the sucker back into place. Michael ended up having to pull out the floorboard of the cabinet because it kept getting stuck on it.  Luckily it is safely sitting where it belongs against the wall now. I was afraid we might have to learn how to cook standing in the middle of the kitchen!

While he was fidgeting with the stove I was being the ant killer. I took our nifty little hand held vacuum I purchased with my birthday money and sucked up every little sucker ant that I could find. I even continued to do this as Michael began dinner. I want these nasty little rascals OUT of my house!

Do you have any ant tips or advice?! I am going to go insane soon if they don't go away!! I leave the kitchen feeling like I have bugs crawling all over my body!! Well that's all for today folks!

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