Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunburnt Sunday

Hello readers!! I hope you enjoyed my little video yesterday, it was kinda fun to do! Today was a good day, although once again not filled with as much studying as needed. Silly weather gettin in the way of my studies, lets just say I am GLAD I moved my CPA exam to May, maybe somewhere during the time between now and then I will be able to find my focus again.

Today I woke up on my own at 8:30 after going to bed kinda late and decided to get my butt out and run. For once in a long time I just left the house without mapping anything. I mean, I'm used to running in this area so I have a general idea of the distance but I ran something I don't normally run. I saw SO many runners out running, they all knew how hot it would be today. It was already 70 at 8:45am, I was a very sweaty girl when I returned home and mapped my run, finding out it was 4.75 miles, not bad.

After the run I decided to wake up Michael and start getting ready for 11:30 church, which was great as usual. You know what was great too? I got to wear a dress to church!! Yay warmth!! After church we headed over to the Kasten's for Sunday lunch. While lunch was cookin, I sat out on their super awesome patio and attempted to study and sun bathe at the same time. Little progress made in the studying department, a good amount of progress in the tanning department. For lunch we had STEAK, baked potatoes, corn, salad, garlic bread, and an assortment of cheesecakes for dessert. SUPER HEAVY lunch!!

After lunch we headed back home and I dragged our patio chairs and the pups out into our common yard and threw on my bathing suite and sunbathed and studied while the dogs roamed the yard, poor Willis and his black fur, he was panting away!!

Well then it was about time for bible study. I LOVE BIBLE STUDY. It was a girls and guys separate night and we were talking about Romance, ohh la la. It was fun, interesting, and good to see everyone. The guys ended up staying at our house and now our house is SUPER toasty, but what can ya do!?

Well that's all I've got for today, I'm tired, and my skin has turned a lovely shade of pink from the sun. But hey, I can't complain, that nasty pastiness that I had this morning will surely be turning into a much more pleasant hue!
ummm...k...I'm not THIS sunburnt!
 I may have something exciting to write about tomorrow but we have to see if it actually happens (depending on Nicole and her plumber) but I'll let you know! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I will begrudgingly be dragged into this school week...boooo!

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