Thursday, December 22, 2011

Random Photo post?!

The above picture is currently my favorite breakfast! Kix with pomegranate arils. Super yummy, crunchy, and fruity!!

Tonight Michael and I headed on over to my step-grandparent's house to do a random little Christmas get-together for Ryan and his girlfriend Liz who will be leaving early tomorrow morning to head to Connecticut to visit her family for Christmas. My parents, Whitney, Ryan, Liz, Dan, Jean, and Ryan's other grandma Sarah were there to watch them open all their presents and eat a Christmas meal!! Even though they had christmas tonight we are still doing another family Christmas on Sunday, just sadly minus Ryan and Liz.

This is Ryan and Liz and they are opening some of their AWESOME gifts!! They got things like hot massage stones, a towel warmer, a little grill, super awesome clothes, and more!

We all got our gifts from Ryan and Liz as well! And Lisa got this gem of a present from Sarah (santa snuggie)!! It was hilarious and took us forever to convince my dad to sit on Santa's lap. Probably because he knew we would instantly snap photos! (fyi, pillow is stuffed under blanket!)

 The snuggie was so big that Sarah and Lisa could both fit in it. They were cracking up!

Now back to random photos. I just found this one on my phone from when we were in Leavenworth. This was a store called "Russian Gifts" and it had a ton of the tiny Russian dolls. Andrea and I happened upon these little doctor ones and thought they were hilarious/awesome/cute and perfect for Michael, ya know, if he were into Russian dolls!

And last but not least, a video of Carson playing with the "tongue toy" that Ryan and Liz gave us for Christmas. Obviously Carson loves it!!

(sorry YOUTUBE is slow and I can't get the actual video in here cause it is SO SLOW at making their videos searchable!)

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