Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Workout Wednesday

Currently I am in the motivation stage of getting my workout in for today. I thought I will motivate myself by writing out my entire Workout Wednesday post and then I will be able to workout. Of course, I will take a break between posting and the workout to update what I actually did. This super cold weather today is making me feel unmotivated. For goodness sake I still haven't taken my coat off yet and I've been home for almost an hour.
Let's get to the serious stuff. The workouts, yo!
Thursday: ZUMBA! I was in the office for work last week so I was able to make it to my zumba class that I haven't been to in ages! So glad to go. But for some reason I didn't enjoy it as much, I felt like I wasn't feelin' the song choices for that night or something. Plus, my brain felt fried and it was hard to remember the moves to the songs I did know. OH well, not every day is an on day.
Friday: R.I.P.P.E.D.  I always enjoy this class! It's tough and I definitely feel the burn in my muscles during the workout. Plus I love switching between weights and  cardio back and forth! 
Saturday: KY Fit Club served up some Rev Abs Cardio. It's a good workout that doesn't seem too terribly hard during the workout but afterwards I was COVERED in sweat, I mean dripping. And my abs were sore the next day too!
Sunday: Rest day! I spent the day catching up on errands, cleaning, etc. 
Monday: 5k on the treadmill. This is when I ran into Annie. Mistake of the day: eating a pack of peanut butter crackers on my drive home from work (45 minute drive and I was hungggrryy). So for a good portion of my run a felt icky. But I still managed to do it in 24:34 which isn't half bad for almost throwing up and not running on a treadmill in ages.
Tuesday: There's this blog I read called Carrots and Cake and yesterday the writer, Tina, posted different treadmill workouts to create some variety for indoor running. SO I thought it'd be fun to try it out. Since I had to pick Adrielle up at 7 I had about 30 minutes to run. However I decided that he pace was a little slow for me (this is here workout below, I modified it) so I increased everything by .3 and thought it would be good. 
I probably could have increased it by more but the run was definitely enjoyable. I also spent the last 4 minutes increasing my speed from 7.9 -8.9 until 29 minutes and then finished with a minute at 9.0. Great workout. Love the running endorphins. Kinda wish I could have gone to the gym tonight, however puppy duty called!
Wednesday: well...I guess this means that this is the time for me to go change and workout. WAH> I wish I would have gone to the gym, it immediately puts me in workout mode. .... be back in a bit...wish me luck...
Looks like I did it!! I finally got myself upstairs and changed and I worked out! Tonight I did the Turbofire 30 and Turbofire 20 minute core. I'm not sure how I feel about the core class, I like the 2nd half of it way better than the first. I also wish that I had a larger, no carpeted, no ceiling fan room, my workouts would be soooo much better if I didn't have the drag of the carpet and the constant ducking from whacking the fan with my hands! Glad I worked out though! Now TV time wooo!

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