Friday, December 30, 2011


WOOOO WEEE...guess who slept in until almost 10 this morning?! This girl!! It was weird, and I still felt tired, maybe that means I slept too much? 

The hubby decided to make breaky this morning and refused to tell me what he was making. Basically it was a manly meat meal!! He made the WHOLE package of sausage, cut some up and put it in the eggs and then I made some toast. He wanted us to eat off this huge plate together but I couldn't, just too much meat in one area. So I had a smaller portion on my own and it was tasty!
After watching some "How I met your Mother" for a bit we decided we should put our outside world clothes on (not pjs) and venture out for fun baby shower!! As we entered the baby shower we were asked for our picture by the tree. Since  Michael and I didn't take any Christmas couple pictures I took the opportunity to snap one of us too!
 The shower was for our friends Ashley and Nate. They used to be in our couples bible study until they moved to Little Rock for work. I was SO glad to see this cute preggo couple!
 Of course a good portion of our bible study was there (The Birkleys and Feltners were there but weren't there when pictures were snapped) so we had to snap some group pics!
 Had to love on the baby belly! Ashley is having a girl (remember, this Ashley is not me! :) )
 Girl shot!
 Another special thing about this get together was that we got to see Drew and Catherine!! (who now live in Columbus!) We haven't seen them since they moved so it was great to see them and they are celebrating their 1 year anniversary tonight! Happy Anniversary friends! (if you might recall, Drew was in my Master's program, so we had plenty of cool public accounting work stuff to talk about!)
 On the way home from the shower Michael asked me if I would want a something delicious, of course I said yes, unknowing as to what the sweet thing was. SURPRISE SURPRISE! ORANGE LEAF! YUM!!

This girl was happy!!
 And now Michael and I are snuggling in for a night of How I met your Mother and maybe a Turbofire workout after I digest the yumminess pictured above!!

Happy Friday friends!

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