Sunday, December 4, 2011


I'm not really sure what to write about today. It's not like my day stunk or anything, I'm just kind of wordless. It was actually very typical so I don't want to bore you with the details but it went like this:

-- Church
--Lunch at the Kastens
--Cleaning the house
--Football watching
--Grocery Shopping
--Bible Study at our house

So can you believe that it is December 4th already? Can you believe that almost a year ago I pledged to write a blog a day? And now I have well over 340 posts! At times it has been hard. Ya know, no comments, tiredness, boredom. And sometimes I just have nothing to say.

So that makes me wonder what is the future for this blog? I have no idea! I like that I'll be able to have this blog as a memento of mine and Michael's marriage and everything I've been through in 2011.

So what are your thoughts?

- Keep the blog going daily
-Occasional posts
-Only post when I have something to say
-Give it a break, you're tired of hearing about my boring life

Any suggestions for which way the blog should move? Things I should or should not talk about? I want some feedback because it's getting to that time of year where a decision will need to be made!

Let me know! I hope you had a great weekend, dreading another work week...booo!


  1. I have found that if people only blog now and then I tend to lose interest after checking time and again and there is nothing new. If you want to back off you could try to keep fairly current with a blog about 3 times a week maybe? Of course, I am all for the DAILY blog! That is my vote! Aunt Carin

  2. Well, I do read every day, but now that it's sent to my email I know my commenting has gone down. I think you should write when you have something fun to share, but not worry about the days your busy and end up posting super late just to post. I would be sad if it disappeared completely!

  3. I was just think about this the other day, what you would do after the new year! I have absolutely loved reading it! I agree with your Aunt Carin on maybe 3 times a week or something. It's harder to keep it up if you do it any less (see my blog! Oops!)

    I really hope you keep it up! :)