Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Funday!

Hello friends and welcome to another Sunday Funday! My Sunday was good how was yours?

Mine started off with a 10 o'clock church service at Southland with Mrs. Lela! Love seeing her and love that she's back in Lexington especially since I have i new church going partner since Michael is always gone.

On my drive home from church I debated on running inside, out or not at all. The sun was shining but it was a chilly 30-ish degrees. But since I don't see the daylight during the week I made it happen. And my awesome Becca joined me too! I was so proud of her, she was a trooper, when she arrived she had no voice and she still banged out a pretty solid run for all her congestion!

After some dog bathing (utter fail, Willis still stinks and I'm not sure why, I'm guessing maybe it's his bed?!) it was time to start cooking.

My grandma sent me a recipe for a healthy succotash and I wanted to try it out. Stupid Chinoe Kroger however did not have shelled edamame so I had to sit there and de-shell the entire bag. ANNOYING!

 This is how it turned it. Super colorful (edamame, corn, tomato, black beans, and mustard based balsamic vinaigrette) . I'm not sure if I'm entirely sold on it. I feel like I need something like chips or something else to go with it. Any suggestions?
 After that it was oreo ball time. At the bible study Christmas party we had decided on doing a cookie exchange. I picked oreo balls because they are easy, delicious, and calorie loaded of course! Didn't get any finished shots, but I did get them in the "Poo" looking stage, before dipping in white chocolate and covering with Christmas sprinkles.
 Next was my dish for the party. I wasn't sure if it'd be a hit at the party because it is definitely green. And yes I was right, people ate a little but not a ton, luckily I like it and will probably be enjoying it for lunch all week. It is a quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) salad with dried cranberries, walnuts, peas, a little onion and a balsamic dressing. I decided on this dish cause I wanted  a healthier option. Oh well, I tried!
 Then came the eating part of the night. The actual Christmas party!!

And then it was white elephant gift giving. Here are some of the hilarious gifts received:

Nicole got an awesome bikini shirt with a body on the front and back! Hilarious!

 Michael F. got a dancing penguin, so cute!
 Kara got my gift. A candy bra. Just for jokes people!
 Byron got TWO Kenny Chesney pictures. It was hilarious!
 Jesse got a singing catfish. Remember when those were all over the place when they first came out?
 Then it was my turn! I got a UK mailbox flag and...
 What is this?  It appears to look like ice cream!
 It is an ice cream scented candle melter thingy! I thought it was perfect that I ended up with the ice cream themed gift! I was very excited as you can see below!
 Oh and since Michael is out of town everyone thought it'd be best to get him on Skype so he could enjoy the party too. Here I am showing him my gift!
 It was hilarious having MIchael in the background on Skype. He kept doing silly things and it was great seeing him too! I miss him!
 Here is the cookie spread for the night including my oreo balls at the front of the table, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, peppermint flavored candy cane cookies, minty cookies, hot chocolate cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and a cookie dubbed by Mr. Larson as the "trevor". Apparently the cookie did have a name and it was decided that Trevor is what it is to be called!
 Lastly we played a little game called "If, Then". It's not technically a game, just a way to get people laughing! Everyone writes 5 "If.....then" statements, tears them apart, puts them in a bag, and then everyone goes around drawing an "If" statement and a "then" statement and it can be pretty funny. Here's an example of one I had!
And now it is midnight on Sunday night. I will regret staying up this late but not regret all the fun I had!

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  1. Ooh! Did you come up with good Skype-party ideas? I still need some for Saturday! :)