Friday, December 9, 2011

Devil Dogs

Oh...whew! So glad it's finally Friday and time for the weekend. However, I am pretty sad I'll have to spend it hubby-less :(

Tonight was good though. Got a workout in, let the pups out and then headed over to my friend Kimberly's for dinner! And it was JUST what I needed! This picture is a throwback to 3 summers ago I believe, rockin' the long hair and tan skin! ohhh I miss tan skin (says the girl writing the blog, sitting on the couch under a blanket with her winter coat still on from when she left Kimberly's)!

Kimberly had me and our friend Emily over and she did ALL the cooking! What's better than a home cooked meal cooked by someone awesome!?! We had chicken, homemade mashed potatoes, broccoli, biscuits and apple pie a la mode! So yummy and filling! I felt like a little family sitting around the table eating dinner. WAY better than eating by myself. HEY LEXINGTON FOLK I'm free for dinner until tuesday *wink wink*

After chatting through dinner we cuddled up in front of the tv and watched the Santa Clause on ABC family because what's better than watching a cute Christmas flick with a full belly on a chilly evening?  Perfect relaxed evening with 2 girls that I loved catching up with!

And now I will be putting my sleepy self to bed.

The devil-eyed dogs say good evening kind readers!

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