Sunday, December 18, 2011

Seattle Part 1

Since I had a LONG trip home from Seattle today I spent part of my time writing up a blog about the past few days in Seattle. I think it would be best for people who read the whole blog to actually break it up into 2 posts, unless you have a large amount of time on your hands! So enjoy part one of my trip to Seattle!

Did I mention to you all that I went to Seattle this weekend?!/ Well I did and it was a glorious weekend full of fun and activities!

A weekend trip to Seattle, however, is a quick trip considering I spent Sunday traveling and all of Thursday evening traveling.

Now do you want to hear about my trip?

Thursday afternoon I made the trek from work up to Northern Kentucky to hop on a flight to Salt Lake City which would then take me to Seattle. Michael and his sister Andrea had left earlier in the day to get a jumpstart on their trip. I however had to stay and work until the end of the workday Thursday. Lucky them!! For some reason they found a direct flight but mine was not.

Now I’m not complaining, it was a great opportunity for us to fly out there, we found some especially cheap flights for the distance we were flying. But sitting in the middle on a 4-5 hour flight is definitely not my cup of tea. UGH. I felt terrible! Although I did get to sit next to a guy that works for ESPN so I got to hear all the cool things he has done and seen. He was on his way to Boise Idaho to film the “Potato Bowl”. Hahah which I didn’t even realize was a bowl until that discussion.

After a quick jog through the airport to my next flight, you know since my connection time was minuscule I hopped on the flight to Seattle and I was on my way!!

I luckily had the pickup service of Michael and Jennifer (Michael’s preggo sister who we were visiting) at the airport and we were on our way to a fun weekend! It was a VERY late night, since my flight arrived at 11 pm mountain time so I just hopped into bed once arriving at Jennifer’s swanky 16th floor 1 bedroom Bellevue apartment. This apartment building had super nice lodge-like lounges with fireplaces, 2 very nice fitness rooms (which I never hit up because I was way too tired the whole time we were there). A large hot tub, dry sauna, and steam room (I definitely hit up the hot tub, cause um hello, I love hot tubs!).

Friday morning I woke up confused as to where I was. Jennifer’s apartment is lined with windows so I woke up gazing at super tall buildings and realizing I was very close to the clouds! Since Jennifer is a surgery resident at Wash U she had some residency interviews to attend to in the early afternoon (she had to meet people like Michael interested in residencies) so we decided to get a quick brunch with her and then she would leave us in downtown Seattle until she was done with her stuff around 4:30.

We had a glorious, ridiculously filling breakfast. I got an egg scramble with chicken sausage and red pepper pesto, toast, and potatoes and helped Michael with his huge breakfast by eating a handful of bite of his French toast. One thing I loved about this place was their fruit and topping bar which you could use for your oatmeal, pancakes, French toast, etc.  So I loaded Michael’s French toast up with all kinds of berries, a little whipped cream, a toss of coconut, and some syrup. It was to die for!

After breakfast Jennifer dropped us downtown at Pike’s Place Market. You know the place where they throw the fish and the location of the first ever Starbucks. Michael, Andrea, and I wandered around the market looking at all kinds of handcrafted goods, foods, and treats. Michael even tried on an Ecuadorian sweater. Andrea ended up purchasing some super cute handmade clay earrings, and Michael and I bought some delicious chocolate covered cherries and white chocolate covered blueberries. Can’t wait to dig into those delicious morsels back in Kentucky.

After thoroughly checking out the market we headed up the street to the shopping district and spent a good amount of our afternoon on the lookout for some new boots for Michael. He finally found some he liked and was quite satisfied with them. If you know Michael at all you will know that if he wants something he will search it out until he finds it and then he will continue to tell you how great they are. We were exhausted by 3 for sure so we made a pit stop at McDonalds and grabbed some cheap vanilla cones and some water. We decided that since we were throwing a mini baby shower for Jennifer that maybe we should search out some cupcakes to make it seem more like a shower. Thanks to the amazing access to technology on our phones we found a place called “Cupcake Royale” that didn’t seem to far away.


It was a little over a mile away uphill. But you know what, I’m glad we got a nice walk in and it definitely kept us busy for a bit. When we finally happened upon the cupcake shop we picked a lovely variety of cupcakes from “dance party”, lavender, royale and cheese, tiramisu, and others.

Jennifer finished up her work stuff and picked us up and we headed back to her apartment in Bellevue. It was then shower time!! We all huddled around Jennifer as she opened the gifts we brought and the gifts Michael’s parents sent along with us.

Jennifer got some super cute baby  boy clothes and blankets. We gave her some super cute tiny UK shoes and a Moby Wrap. Of course we had to have someone model the wrap ,so obviously we picked the only male with us.

Doesn’t he pull it off stunningly?!

Jennifer then opened up the big gift Andrea had made. A super cute “Where the Wilds Things are” quilt!!

After hanging out for a bit it was definitely supper time. Jennifer asked where we wanted to eat, we had no clue so we trusted her instinct. She took us to this wonderful restaurant where you order plates for the table and share. Yum YUM!!

Overall a great Friday evening!!
Saturday fun to come!

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