Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year is a comin'

So a lot of the blogs that I read have a year end recap of everything major that has happened during the year. I'm not sure if I want to go through the work of trying to link all of these posts to my blog, but I guess I would like to mention a few notable things that happened during the year as to be a bit nostalgic before the new year occurs!

Major events in 2011:
- I started a blog as a new years resolution and to date there have been 365 posts (today being 367). Writing the blog has been a blast and a great way to remember all the major life events in the past year!
- Michael and I had our 1 year anniversary and took a trip to Madisonville, KY to spend 2 nights at a bed and breakfast and see my friend Maggie get hitched.

-I discovered my love for Indian food!

- I earned my Masters in Accounting!

-I had an encounter at a gas station with a meth-head
-I passed all 4 sections of the CPA exam

-Michael and I went to "Webb Weekend" in Rochester, NY and introduced the "Webb Call"

-Michael and I went to San Francisco

-Michael and I went to Atlanta and I went once by myself

-Michael and I went to Seattle (post two)

-I proved it was difficult to remain vertical while running outside
-Had a terrible time running the Derby Mini Marathon in Louisville (better hopes this year!)

-Visited Ashland, KY with Michael
-Got a big girl job but can't find the post announcing it.
-Hosted an AMAZING murder mystery dinner with my bible study
And so many other great things!! This year has really been a blessing for Michael and I. We have grown to appreciate every day we have with each other since our schedules got seemingly busier. And although our future for 2012 is kinda still up in the air, I am still excited to see what the future holds for this little Kasten family!

Thank you all for reading my blog so diligently, even during the times when I bored you to death! I wish you all a very happy and safe New Year and I promise there will be more posts to come!!

Goodbye 2011, you were pretty spectacular! Hello 2012, are you ready to rock my world?!


  1. How nostalgic, boo hoo! I will keep checking for updates. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of your life this year through the blogs!
    Love you, Aunt Carin

  2. Happy New Year Ashley!! I've loved reading your blog all year!