Sunday, January 2, 2011

How long will this last? New Years Resolution for 2011

So, I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while? Why may you ask? I have absolutely no idea, I am in no way a good writer, I am an accountant for crying out loud. But I've been needing a new hobby, running has been fun, but honestly you can't do that more than once a day for a certain amount of time.  My thoughts began this summer when I was working a summer job that I was extremely bored at, I literally had nothing to do, but I could never get the balls to start a blog, I was afraid. But after much contemplation, it has been decided. I will become an internet writer, a blogger my friends! My life isn't that exciting but maybe someone will read it?!

It will be my challenge for the year to at least write something once a day. Although, I am expecting a crazy year ahead. For instance, I'll be taking my first part of the CPA exam on the 6th, yes this week! ahhhh!! Within the next month I will be taking 2 8-week classes, taking another part of the CPA exam and my schedule continues in that mode until the beginning of August when I graduate. I have definitely already been feeling the effects of the crazy year to come but this will become part of my daily routine. (I am a girl ALLLL about routines, you can ask Michael, I believe it drives him slightly crazy, I have routines for almost everything,  even how/when I brush my teeth so this should be good for me)

Since the beginning of winter break I have been on full on study mode. Well except for the whole going to Disney World for my cousin Anika's 21st birthday for a weekend (which was extremely awesome) and celebrating Christmas Day and News Years with friends and family oh and you can't forget UK basketball games (I gotta support my boys! And I mean, I was on the jumbotron, won free Qdoba Queso, and high-fived every UK player as they left). Besides that, I have scooted over to the Tates Creek Public Library at 9:30 am every morning and studying my little brains out until around 4:30. Let's just say my days have become very anti-social! The only time I leave my tiny study room is to literally run to the restroom to pee, I pack my lunch and sit and study. Check out some youtube videos and then sit and study. Check my email and then sit and study. It's super exciting and I know that you all are jealous. ... but you know what? It'll definitely be worth it in the end, I'll be a CPA and everyone will be super jealous right?! I mean it is everyone's true dreams to become a Certified Public Accountant right?!... that's what I thought :)

 I am so excited for the year to come because 2010 was an AMAZING year, I know my first ENTIRE year with my husband will be even better! Who knew 2010 could bring so much? I was engaged for half of the year, got married on June 26th, graduated from the University of Kentucky in May 2010, moved in with my soon-to-be in-laws at the time for a month, honey-mooned in Costa Rica, zip-lined through the rain forest, Climbed Mount Hood, traveled through Oregon, Washington, and Vancouver and Whistler with the Kasten family, went to 543,649,432 weddings, got another puppy (Carson), became a homeowner, started my masters program, started learning how to cook, started a great new small group with young married couples whom I admire and love, and I'm sure there's so much more! I have just been so blessed this past year. I know someone is looking down on me and wishing me the best! (mom) so bring it on 2011, I am so ready! (notes on exciting 2011 things to come!)

So I think I could blubber on for days, but then I wouldn't have anything to write about for the rest of the year. I believe it's a good stopping point, as Carson has begun to rip up pieces of his bed and flinging it all over our carpet, oh the joys of puppyhood ... Goodnight :)

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  1. This is a very cool idea! I feel like I know so much more about you now :) And I look forward to reading what you write about each day!