Monday, January 24, 2011

Case of the Mondays...

This morning I woke up with goop in my eye, you know sleep, but a lot. I go to look in the mirror and my eye is red!!!!

It felt like this:

 But really looked like this:

But it was still an ouchy. I could tell my body was sending me signals that I was stressed. And I've had it up to here with that stress, oh only like 7 months of it left to go, no worries, I'll survive...I hope.

Any way, I decided to move on with my day and cope with the pain, just about 3-4 hours of work on my group project and then 2 hours studying for a quiz and then class 3-6...oh wasn't my day totaling up to be a grand one?!

Well things got better after class! Michael, his friend David, and I headed up to the Johnson Center for a good workout. I planned on running while the boys played raquetball. Well, I had asked Michael to grab some clothes for me so we could get out the door fast. What I didn't think about is that Michael has never picked out workout clothes for me before, nor do men wear the same type of clothing women wear to workout. Ok, so he did a good job picking stuff out he just forgot ONE, vital article of clothing. Oh you know, the sports bra. Well there goes my time on the treadmill. I honestly tried running on the treadmill and it lasted 50 seconds. Women, I hope you know what I mean by this and Men please respect us for wearing these uncomfortable things, keeping the girls up above the belly button is always a positive for a girl who is 22!  I wasn't mad with him just sad about no running. BUT I did end up spending an enjoyable 40 minutes on the elliptical and running into Mr. Miles Stephens and chatting it up with him a bit too! So it was all good!

After my cardio I went down and shot hoops with the boys. I'm terrible. I think I made like 3 baskets altogether, but it was fun to play around. 

After the JC we had dinner with David, he suggested King Tut's. Michael and I had never been there, it has been like a million different middle eastern, mediterranean, etc. restaurants and always looked shady to me, but I was up for trying. We went in and the place was a lot nicer than I thought. And the food was yummy !!! I had the chicken shawarma sandwich, only $4.95 and warm and tasty! I would definitely recommend King Tut's on South Limestone next to Chipotle! The only thing I regret about eating there is the nasty garlic breath I have had, and will have all night! ewwwy! But I believe that is what comes with the Mediterranean cuisine territory!

Afterward, Michael and I did some grocery shopping, oh I know, super fun and exciting right?! We lead ultra thrilling lives! Aunt Carin sent me a broccoli and cheddar soup recipe that I am going to make.  The recipe includes Velveeta cheese and you know who has never heard of Velveeta cheese or seen it before in his life?! MICHAEL KASTEN! Boy, that guy has missed out on the greatness and endless possibilities Velveeta has to offer. I will open up his world to this semi-cheese phenomena!

After shopping we then finally dragged our tired, sweaty bodies home. It was a long day, not getting home until around 9:45, no relaxing really and no homework done for sure, but it was good to stay busy and be fit. And I am ok with the no relaxation. It just means I am that much closer to going to bed RIGHT now! Goodnight!


  1. I like the new blog theme! Silly boys... they don't know how important SOME pieces of clothing are!

  2. I like the new arrangement :) The font is a little hard to read, but I'm kind of an old lady, and I squint too much... Could just be me.
    Hope we can reschedule soon btw!