Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sleepy, Slouchy, Snowy

Not to make complaining a consistent thing in my blog, but today was another not so fun day. I have a feeling a may be saying this until these 2 classes end the first week of March, but for reals school week, don't make me hate you. This school week has only resulted in negative things for my weekend too. I know all I really have to look forward to is doing homework. No plans of any type, homework is on the horizon. 

ALSO, WHY LEXINGTON?! WHY did you have a snow blizzard that took me 50 minutes to get home from class (normally about 7 minutes)!!! WHY did you have to cancel my fun hangout time with my friends tonight, we were going to eat spaghetti, lounge, watch tv, maybe play a little Just Dance 2. Ya know, cause I've only played it 3 times so far and I wanna play it with some girlfriends cause Michael doesn't particularly enjoy it. and WHY do I always wear the wrong shoes when the weather turns bad? Socks were wet and pants were soaked halfway up my leg?!?!  (ok weather, I will not blame you about the poor shoe choice, it's not your fault I'm not prepared)

I still have hope for this evening. I'm not too sure what it'll bring, but I'm thinking it'll probably be Thursday night television. Ya know, since the snow ruins everything (well everything besides sledding and skiing and snowboarding, it helps with that ;) ) Which most of my shows have made their return from a long winter break! 30 rock, community, and the office are back on tonight, excitement! Still patiently awaiting a few other shows but it's probably for the best, homework is pushing my television programs out of the way! BOOO homework!

kenneth the page
The best and funniest 30 rock characer, Kenneth! I love him

 30 Rock quote about Kentucky, man we always look so good! haha

Jack Donaghy: You know, Ted, Kenneth here is one of our more promising young pages. He knows everything there is to know about the business.
Kenneth Parcell: I studied TV theory at Kentucky Mountain Bible College.

In sad news, my friendy friend friend, Jennie Rhoads will be moving away tomorrow! :( sad day. I will be joining her for an early 8 am breakfast at Lexington's very own and very delish Doodles to send her off! If you haven't eaten at Doodles you definitely should, KY proud and yummy too! I will miss you Jennie and your super fun attitude!

Doodles website with menu:

Jennie is the one my head is on!

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  1. Did you hear Steve Carrell is leaving after this season? Do you think the show will be the same?