Sunday, January 9, 2011

Overfed and Underexercised

Sundays --- OH you make me feel fat and lazy (Yes, i know it is the sabbath, the day of rest, but I think I may rest too much?!). These days always begin with good intentions and end up with laziness and bloated bellies! Let me just describe to you a typical Sunday:

  1. Wake up, drop the dogs off at Gma and Gpa Kasten's house (Michael's parents) and go to 11:30 church at Southland (which I love, and it gives you plenty of time to bum around in the morning!) This weeks message was awesome. They are doing a series called "There's an App for that" and this week they spoke about religion. If you are interested in hearing it, it's most likely on Southland Christian Churches' Website! :)
  2.  After church all we have to do is conveniently drive across the street to the Kasten's home where we have Sunday "lunch", which should be more properly titled "Sunday Feast".  "Lunch" doesn't normally occur until around 2pm. Many of you would qualify the amount of food we consume as a typical Thanksgiving meal. Michael's mother is an amazing cook & every Sunday she prepares delightful food in large proportions. For example this Sunday we had: Chicken, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Roasted Veggies, Peas, Corn, and Brussel Sprouts (which were for Mamaw and Jan :) ) & that was just lunch. For dessert Jan whipped out Peanut butter and chocolate fudge & individual homemade blueberry or cherry tarts. Jan is known for ALWAYS having multiple dessert choices.  Me being the sugar fanatic that I am always ask for the "sampler". Let's just say after a Kasten "lunch", a nap is normally needed & recommended.  
  3. During the prep of lunch we all lounge and our dogs watch Jan cook, clean and do whatever she does in the kitchen. The dogs get spoiled at Grandma's and get lots of leftovers or scraps of meat to fill their bellies. So after a day at the Kasten's our little guys are pretty sleepy too!
  4. That is why it is always the opportune time to watch Sunday afternoon football! Sadly this Sunday another one of my teams lost and this time it was the Philadelphia Eagles in the playoffs. Let's just say this weekend was a BAD weekend for ALL of my teams!! :( 
  5. After we get a good rest in we head back home with a drowsy, food-drunk dogs and maybe watch a little more football until around 6pm. At this time we head over to a small group. Our small group consists of about 8-10 newly married (0-3yrs) couples from Tates Creek Christian Church (this is the church where Michael and I got married). Our group is awesome and full of hilarious, fun loving, Jesus loving couples that I have come to adore more and more each week. We all definitely have a good time every week and are able to learn a lot from each other and about God along the way. This group is one of my favorite things during the week. We have become close enough to be friends outside of group too :) . We have had board game nights, girls movie nights, Christmas parties, and Thanksgiving Parties with. We are so blessed.
  6. Around 9pm we are finished gabbing and chatting at small group and head home for the evening where Michael and I crash from our utterly exhausting lazy days. 
We are spoiled people, but thankful for it. I love every bit of our lazy Sundays and wouldn't change it for the world. Maybe sometime in the future though I could fit in a workout to negate a little bit of my over-eating on this day! :) I hope you all had a lazy, enjoyable Sunday. Whether you were snuggled up at home all day watching movies or football, hanging with family, or whatever! Tomorrow is the first day of classes for me so it's looking like it's about bedtime! Goodnight!

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