Friday, January 28, 2011

To run or not to run?!

Ok, so in the past 2 years I guess it would be, I have been a crazy active runner. Always signed up for the next race, always training. Well since the wedding and everything I haven't really done much in the way of running. Well, Michael, Amanda, and her boyfriend Stu and I ran the Chicago half on Sept 12th of last year but that was the last race. It has been weird not training for a race and because of the lack of race in the near future, my desire to run consistently has decreased enormously. I was thinking about signing up for the Louisville Derby Half Marathon on April 30th, I know the race is huge and I haven't done much running in Louisville besides the Papa John's 10 milers which is the week before the half. Michael has ran the full version of this race twice and he enjoyed it. So I'm debating. Should I do it? Michael's sister Andrea, said she was thinking about doing it, so it'd be fun to do it as a family thing, but I haven't heard about it in a while.  What do you all suggest?! Would anyone want to run this race with me??? (this is the training schedule I always use if interested)

I thought it would be fun for me and maybe a tiny bit interesting for you to hear about and see my running past. It's reflection time!!!....

It all began at Gray Middle School, I was recruited in the 8th grade to join the Cross Country Team, I never had run before, but was not really good at sports so I gave it a shot. I made some really good friends and ended up not being half bad, I believe that was the year I got to go to state. As time progressed, my running never really went anywhere better, but I continued to do it, I never went to state again, but I definitely wasn't the worst on the team. 

Then came college, I hadn't run in a while and it took me a while to get into the whole swing of things, I would randomly go and run on the treadmill but it was weird being in a new city that I didn't know and was afraid to run outside on my own. I was used to running the course at our High School and that's about it, running and laughing with my friends. So running kind of took the back seat for a while. 

Well, it all started up again when Miss Becca Colbert and I were roommates. One of the best roomies in the world I must say! :) 

Our relationship is awesome, don't even doubt it!

We became running crazies when we decided to sign up for UK's "Training for a Half Marathon" Class. It was spring semester, so half of the time we were running in snowy, wintery, FREEZING conditions!  In preparation for the half, we ran the Papa John's 10 miler, which resulted in a HILARIOUS story about Becca, that you'll have to ask her about! My first half marathon was Cincinnati's flying pig marathon!
 Although I screwed up my ankle and was hobbling the entire run, I really enjoyed myself! It was time for more! I was now addicted!!!

As you look at these pictures realize all of these took place probably within a year and 1/2 time frame. I was race crazy, signing up for as many as possible. Also, you will tend to notice, that in most races, I am soaking yet, yes, it always seemed to rain when I signed up for races or there were arctic temperatures! It always makes everything more interesting!

Here's the list of races that I can remember ( I know there were more but I cannot recall):
- Papa John's 10 miler - April 2009
-Cincinnati Half Marathon - May 2009
- Bluegrass 10k - July 2009
-Midsummer's Night Run, 5k - August 2009
-Bourbon Chase - Oct. 2009
- Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon Nov. 2009
- Disney World FULL marathon - Jan. 2010
-Lexington Half Marathon - March 2010 (my birthday!)
-Midsummer's Night run, 5k - August 2010
-Chicago Half Marathon - Sept. 2010
(can you even imagine the amount of dinero I spent on all this running, plus equipment, plus travelling?! ahhh! ) 

One of my most memorable runs/experiences was the Bourbon Chase, which is a 200 mile run along Kentucky's Bourbon Trail. (it's a relay, no worries) With a team of 12, 2 vans were required to transport us all. Our team started with a co-worker I had at the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, Becca ended up running it too. Our team basically didn't know each other and people were from ALL over the United States, it was pretty awesome and we formed great friendships! :) Let's just say the inaugural Bourbon Chase was pretty interesting, VERY HILLY, VERY WET, and VERY COLD! And oftentimes VERY DARK, as the race went straight through the night lasting 2 days!

Van #1 at the Kentucky Bourbon Chase ---check out the bourbon chase!
The entire bourbon Chase team - what happy and fond memories despite the freezing, rainy conditions

 After the Bourbon Chase Becca, our friend Ben (the tall redhead), and myself went officially crazy! I mean what got into us?! We immediately signed up for a half marathon in Indy. It was a blast and we rocked our half time !

These are the blankets they give you after the race to retain heat, this is in Indy.  So many people had ponchos during the bourbon chase. We coined the term for these runners as  "PONCHO MONSTERSSSSS", this is us acting those monsters out!
Before the race, it was chilly, believe me!
  After the Indy Half, we got SUPER crazy! We were going to take it to the next level and run a FULL, 26.2 mile marathon. Now I had come to prefer the 13.1 half marathons, they were much more manageable, but GEEZ LOUISE, Marathons are ridiculous, the training, the race, everything! The road trip down to Orlando was fun, we stopped in Atl. on the way to see my family then finished our way down to Orlando to stay with the Roblin Family (always awesome hosts!). The morning of our race (beg. of Jan.) it was a record low for Orlando, it was in the 20s! We had to be at the race start around 4 something AM and the race didn't start until like 6. Let's just say we froze our butts off and we were not expecting such CHILLY weather in Florida! The marathon was the hardest thing I have ever done, and my body has never been in so much pain. But we did it and we were super happy with our times.
Freezing our butts off waiting for the race!
Mile 24, feeling completely dead!
We loved our blankets afterwards, the sweat on our bodies cooled and left us freezing while we searched for the car in the huge parking lot!
 This race was the inaugural Lexington half marathon, which started at Fasig Tipton and took us through the Kentucky Horse park and back. Another rainy race and this one was on my birthday! Becca and I enjoyed our run together and were basically frozen afterwards. All race finishers could enjoy a free cup of Kentucky Ale after their race! :) Michael's Dad and Andrea (ran the 5k)  ran this race too!

Freezing afterwards but all smiles! :)

Finishing together was always the best part! :)
 The most recent race was the Chicago Half Marathon. The race conditions could not have been more perfect for this race, but I myself had a hard time with the race. I think that is why I have been so slow to sign up for another race because this was was so mentality and physically hard for me. I think it's because I ran the first 3 miles with Michael and psyched myself out. Never a good thing to do. But I'm glad I got to experience such a beautiful race by the lake on a sunny September day with friends!

Amanda, her boyfriend Stu, her sister Lori, Michael and I after finishing the flat race

I really do enjoy running, it has just become very time consuming and with my schoolwork, working, and being a wife, it is hard to find the time. But I really would like to get back into it again. I guess it has really only been like 4.5 months since my last race but it feels like it has been forever. I think I may try and make it happen again! Wish me luck!

***seriously, if you wanna train with me, let me know! I would be more than happy to have a running buddy for the next race, whatever and whenever it may be!***


  1. You are a running goddess! You inspired me to do Marathon # 2 last year and now I am running Boston as a qualified runner. You and Becca are great running buddies for all of us!

  2. Funny, Uncle Louie was just asking me yesterday
    if you were still running! I honestly wasn't
    sure about that. Now I know!! Very interesting
    info today! Aunt Carin

  3. hey, it's bec. we do pretty good work together so i am going to say yes. let's do the derby half and rock it out. holla at your girl. haha. miss all you bourbon chasers by the way if you read this!