Saturday, January 15, 2011

Awesome Friday Evening!

Tonight was small group night and it was epic and awesome. Let's just say that Michael and I have the best small group ever. The reason I'm writing my blog so late is due to the fact that I was with my awesome group for the entire evening!! 15 of us hung out all night!

We first met up at the Mall Food Court and enjoyed our own individually picked out dinner. Michael was on call tonight but luckily he arrived only 20-ish minutes after everyone else. We enjoyed the always awesome Sarku Japan Teriyaki Chicken. MmMmMmM!

After everyone finished up their meals we had some time to waste because we were going to the Lexington Green Cheapies for movie night. The creative juices in us were definitely flowing because we created a mall scavenger hunt on our own and on the fly! Yes, this is definitely something a high school youth group would do but we totally rocked it, up until the mall closed and basically all of the lights had been turned out. We split up into 2 teams and ran all over the mall. Examples of things we had to find were, a confederate flag belt buckle (which our group created on our because apparently these buckles are a very popular thing at the Fayetter Mall, thank you Kentucky), a naked mannequin, and a bear wearing a tutu, just to name a few. Another item we were supposed to find was "Santa", well we found a Santa hat and asked an older gentleman with a beard to wear the hat, he was confused but the cell phone pic was pretty spectacular! It was definitely fun and we all had a good laugh. Luckily for the competitive couple that Michael and I are, our teams "tied", so there were no sore losers for the evening!

The group had originally planned on splitting up after the mall for girls and guys night at the movies,  but unfortunately the movies that had been decided on earlier in the week had changed so we had to pick a movie on the fly. Everyone decided they wanted to see the same movie, so we all went together like a big happy family, it was wonderful! The girls sat in the row in front of the guys while they tried to throw popcorn down our shirts, and yes we were the rowdy ones in the theater, it's okay to act immature, no one knew our ages! :)

Nicole, our "leader", had the awesome idea of buying the large free refill popcorn and split it amongst the group. What a wonderful idea, no one had to fork over a ton of money for overpriced popcorn and each row of girls and guys had their own bucket.

The movie we ended up seeing was "Due Date" and I thought it was hilarious, some of our group was even seeing the movie for a second time and still cracked up seeing it again. I think a comedy was the right choice for us tonight. Also, I can't complain about a $2 movie ticket.

Let's just say I loved this night. I loved getting to hang out with my small group and having real fun together and acting like big goofballs. I loved that my husband was able to make it and spend the evening with us too. I am blessed to be around a great group of friends! YAY Friday!! Now on to an awesome weekend!

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