Monday, January 17, 2011

Gladiator and Golden Globes

Today began with a lack of plans because Michael was on call at the hospital and I had no idea when he'd get off work. I thought I'd do some studying, or something boring like that. Well, thankfully, my hubs only had to go in for an hour and a half, very surprising for a call shift, and was at home by 9:30 AM! What exciting news. I thought someone was breaking into our house when he came home cause I wasn't expecting him, but was glad to see it was him!

Since Michael was home we went out to Southland for church and had the typical Sunday lunch with the Kasten family and the dogs kinda day (today's lunch was German themed with cabbage, strudel, and all!). After lunch we actually stayed and watched a movie too (4th movie day in a row!). I had never seen Gladiator before and that is number 2 on Michael's favorite movie list after Braveheart, so I was forced/told to watch the movie. I think the reason I had never seen this movie was due to the fact that it came out in 2000 and I probably wasn't allowed to see and/or interested in a movie like this.  Michael's Dad also enjoys the movie thoroughly so, it was like a family affair watching the movie on a chilly winter afternoon by the fire. Although chopping off of people's head is probably not my most favorite thing to watch (I HATE BLOOD, it gives me the willies!), I still enjoyed the movie, I approve! 

After our Sunday movie viewing, we quickly ran the dogs home and drove out to Georgetown for B-stud at the Schwartz's, where good times and studies were had. Around 9:30 we had to jump out though because the Robertson's had invited us to the condo to watch the Golden Globes! Of course we arrived like 2 hours late but we still had fun. Becca and Mollie were there too and we had some laughs, they had been sippin on some wine and were very giggly. Bay was especially giggly, she was telling me about "Thomas Hanks and Tom Allen" (Tom Hanks and Tim Allen) who had just come out on the stage. She makes me laugh, that is why she is one of my FAVORITE people, silly willy! :) 

Oh and  Michael and I did end up seeing "The King's Speech"  with his sister and parents. I definitely would recommend it! ALSO, Colin Firth won best actor in a drama tonight, so it proves it, the movie was great!

Colin Firth, Oh, what a cutie patootie!

Today was a great day, loved it, also love the fact that there is no school tomorrow! YAY MLK! WOOOOOOO!

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