Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Orange you glad I said banana?


Oranges, yes that is what I am going to start with today. Let me explain.
Michael was luckily awarded the duty of going to the grocery yesterday due to my crazy schedule. When I get home I asked him, what'd you get? He starts listing off items, normal things you know and then he said it, he said he got ORANGES (well actually tangerines but he claimed that they were oranges). How did he not know that I didn't like oranges and why did he buy a whole bag of those things?! Michael doesn't eat fruit, I'm confused!!!  I have ALWAYS been creeped out by oranges. Yes, I like orange juice, orange flavored things,  even orange the color (come on, Ryle's colors are black and orange!), etc. But the nasty, awkward, creepy texture of an orange has always irked me. Bleh. When anyone EVER offers me an orange my immediate response is, ew, no I don't like oranges. 

Wellllll last night Michael ate one of his beloved tangerines and offered me a bite. And me, being the adventurous food taster that I am (not always but I'll at least give it a shot) tasted a slice of tangerine. Tangerines and I were trying to patch up our rocky history. I popped it in my mouth And golly gee, I didn't halfway mind it! I actually enjoyed the first 1/2 of eating it. The part where the yummy, juicy orange part kind of bursts in your mouth (please avoid in sexual references please! :)). Yeah, that part of it was very enjoyable, but the whole part of eating the nasty remaining outside still kinda creeped me out. But today, I must say, I took a tangerine with me to the Willy T library (yes I hid it well from the library food police) and I actually ate the entire thing. I must say I am still warming up to these fruits but I am giving them a shot, I mean, at least they're good for you right?

One last thing, and I don't mean this to be racist in any way. But I have noticed through my life experience of having a handful of Asian friends and through observation that a high population of Asians always carry pencil bags overflowing with a bounty of pens, pencils, AND erasers. I noticed this today in the library as I was sitting there in the dead silence. A fellow studier entered the quiet study area  and violently began rummaging through her pencil bag, and this pencil bag was huge and definitely full of enough writing utensils to supply a small nation. They must like writing A LOT! Being a lefty, writing hasn't always been one of my favorite things due to the smudge that appears on my paper and my left hand. So maybe I'm just jealous that they don't have my problem and enjoy having plenty of writing utensils!  Just a funny observation for the day. I hope I didn't offend anyone :)

I hope you all have had a lovely day! Only one full day of studying left for me and then the test on Thursday at 12:30, and I'm super nervous by the way, any positive thoughts or prayers sent my way would be greatly appreciated!!


  1. You Webbs and your texture issue! Dustin is the same way about so many foods but I don't mind it because that just means there's more strawberries and tomatoes for me! I about fell over one day when your Dad got a Wendy's salad for lunch (like a year and a half ago when I worked at Bruster's) and he asked if I wanted the tomatoes on his salad and i said.... so that's where Dustin got it from! hahaha
    I like oranges and tangerines but I don't like orange juice with pulp in it. At the same time, I love bananas but I can't stand anything that tastes like bananas but aren't actually bananas (suckers, pudding, alcohol, etc.)

    tr5fhszd <--- that was tiger jumping up onto my lap where my computer was so i'm guessing that's his way of saying hi! hahaha

  2. haha yeah texture sometimes bothers me like, rice pudding, gross! However, I do like tomatoes and strawberries. and my dad does like oranges i believe, at least when I was little he told me that they were like candy! haha! I'm weird about my bananas too, i'd prefer they were cut up because I don't like the little stringy things they have.

    YAY for food awkwardness!

    tell tiger hello for me!

  3. I knew you didn't like oranges; they were for me. I listed them first to elicit a reaction from you...and I always keep exactly one pilot g2 on me at all times. No rummaging and you know exacly where it is and what you have. I used to keep 12 pens from a pack at a time and would lose them like crazy. (surprise surprise). Crasians.