Thursday, January 27, 2011

survival of the speaker!

UHHH exciting news! I survived my foray in public speaking today! Ok, ok, ok, yes so the speaking was only for a minute and a half... BUT... you don't understand the fear associated with public speaking that I have. I practiced so many times yesterday and today and when it was finally time to go, I didn't mess up a thing! I even got a few laughs. Needless to say, I am very proud of myself. The real test is when this 1 1/2 minutes goes up to 5 minutes for the final part of the project! But I have faith that I can do it! Not only did I rock my presentation, this presentation took place after our first advanced auditing exam, which consisted of 10 multiple choice questions, writing, writing, and more writing until my hand was nearly rubbed raw. Let's just say I'm glad that midterm is done, and that I can say we are halfway through that class!

My Becker CPA review class technically starts back up Saturday morning, 8 am. ICK, DOUBLE ICK, EWWW! But I haven't decided if I will work on it on my own at home because I've already started a portion of the first section. Oh and yes I will be preparing for the audit exam that I am taking Feb. 25th, which is...ahhhh!!... less than a month away! So that will be IN-to the-TENSE!

Also, Everyone please keep Mr. Michael in your thoughts as he studies for his 2 shelf exams tomorrow, Neurology and Psychiatry !
This was Michael's "Photo of the Day"

Michael is very excited to be finishing up this rotation because he will be starting...drum roll please... SURGERY!! yay... yay... applaude... wooo... clap! Michael is super pumped and excited about the surgery rotation to come. He is starting with a month of vascular surgery, which is what he is interested in for real life, ya know, not pretty and fun pretend life. So this will be a great opportunity to explore a possible career path and see if he really likes it.

Although, I must prepare you all, there may be some complaints from the peanut gallery (*ahem ahem*, me) about this next rotation. (Hey, at least I'm giving you fair warning) Why you ask? Yes, I am happy for Michael, but surgery entails a butt ton of time. Michael said one of his friends averaged 96 hours for ONE week. Medical students are crazy, aren't they?!  They impress me with their abilities to function with major deficits in sleep, abilities to learn UBER fast, and to retain super relevent and applicable knowledge or sometimes useless knowledge. So I will miss him. Dearly. I will be a single, 2 puppy momma, slaving over dinners for one and doing the laundry of some "Michael Kasten" that apparently lives with me but the only sign of his existence will be dirty scrubs. Oh yay! But realistically, school will continue to blow my mind, and it probably won't be a HUGE deal. We'll survive for sure! :)

I've gotta say, with the test and the speaking out of the way today, I have been revived with a new energy. I feel very spunky right now. I better use this energy that I've been missing for a while for the better. There is some laundry that has been washed, but unfolded, for nearly 5 days (this is VERY unlike me) eagerly waiting for me to get my hands on it. Oh joy.  Later gators, enjoy the ever so lovely Thursday evening! Peace!

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  1. Yay! Midterms being over! All I can say about the 96 hours a week thing is that maybe it will give you and I the chance to reconnect, because otherwise, that is zero fun.
    Good luck to both of you!!

  2. Woo hoo! So now I can make comments and give life
    advice to my dear sweet neice! Let me think...