Friday, January 7, 2011

Just a lazy friday :)

Today has been an awesome productive, lazy, active day. 

I spent my morning watching trashy television. What's better than that?
The real housewives of Beverly Hills and Patti in the Millionaire Matchmaker!

Then I made the pups homemade doggy treats with pumpkin puree and peanut butter in them. I got the recipe off of Holly Cooper's blog page, great idea Holly! They were really easy (even though they taste like nothing because I was curious and tried one) and my doggies love them, plus since we are starting to run low on treats these were quick and easy to prep instead of running to the store and dropping dolla bills on treats!

The treats barely fill up the large treat container we have so I may have to make more!
 While the treats were baking a organized the cabinets in the kitchen and one of our downstairs closets. I know, I'm weird right, but it's just soooo satisfying to organize things, well at least to me. It is definitely a stress-releaser for me, and since I have nothing on my plate until Monday when class starts I felt this was the proper time.

Afterwards I spent the greater part of the afternoon with James Morrison, John Mayer, Matt Wertz, and many more smooth singing fellas. Pandora radio was the soundtrack to my cleaning as I tackled the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms, which really needed a scrub down and I really don't mind doing it. And then did some pilates videos I found on Youtube because I didn't wanna face the snowy weather to go to the gym.

I give this day an A++ , Some may think that may day was boring and lonely. I love days like these every once in a while. 

For the evening I'll be heading to the Florence Crittenton Home here in Lexington. I volunteer there the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Friday of the month and it is something I truly enjoy doing! The "Flo-Critt" home is a home for teenage pregnant girls, teenage mothers, etc and ran by the state. It is an awesome experience forming bonds with these girls and their children and hearing about some of the things these girls have been through, their lives definitely have not been the easiest and they have taught me a lot, I've learned that I was very naive about some things. I also now know like 200% more about pregnancy and childbirth than I did before. SO INTENSE!
I think we will be playing boardgames tonight, I hope we play one of my new favorite games, Scribblish, if you haven't tried it, you definitely should, it's hilarious. And for you, ultra competitive people like me, this game is good for you and won't make your friends hate you, there's really no competition to it, just good old fun!

Oh and by the way, I really enjoyed watching the Truman Show last night and spending the time with Michael too! So I'd recommend it if you haven't seen it!

Well I'm off to hangout with the girls! I hope everyone has a great snowy Friday evening, enjoy the last weekend of Christmas break!!


  1. Our days were kind of identical. I also watched trashy tv this morning (after waking up at 10:30), and then I cleaned the house. Silas and I got out for a run today, but he decided that he didn't like the idea of being on a leash... the run basically turned into silas pulling me all over the place.
    Your treats look very nice :) And that treat jar you have is HUGE!

  2. I'm glad you watched trashy tv too! :) That's funny our day was so similar. Since Carson just turned 6 months old I'm beginning to wonder if it's time for me to try and take him on a run, he is kinda a spaz but I think he could learn?!

  3. That is awesome that you volunteer at the "Flo-Critt" home! Is it a home for them to live in or is it just a place for them to go to get advice or to just spend time with other women going through the same experience as them? You will have to share what you have learned! I don't watch "Teen Mom" or anything but I really like to listen to someone's stories and see how people are affected differently by the events in their life. I guess it is the historian in me.

  4. The home is a place where the state sends the girls because of the situations they are in, they are technically in the state's custody. here's the website to check out more . I can talk to you about it more in person, it's pretty cool but intense and long to write out on the internet!

  5. I almost ate a dog treat this was on the table, in a throw away tupperware thingy, and there were various cookies, small and round and covered in holiday on earth would I know?! But luckily I was slow to eat that particular cookie :)