Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Steelers and THE Ohio State Unviersity....barf...

ok people, so I know some of you may be Steelers fans or Ohio State fans but these are the 2 teams that I despise and annoy me the most. Oh, and it just so happens that they are on top of the world this weekend. BOOOO sports!

My dad is from Philly, so naturally our family cheers for the Eagles in football. The sight of the Steelers dominating, so far, tonight made our family dinner together (parent's were in town for the evening) at Sutton's on Richmond Road slightly sad. Now I don't want this to turn into one of those silly debates where a Steelers fan gets all up in my grill, I'm just talking about something, at least I'm not just telling you about my day! :) Why Steelers fans must you be SO obnoxius? Why must you make obnoxious facebook statuses ALL the time?! You can have a good sports team and not be obnoxious about it! Please and thank you! I mean you are so frightening with your terrible towels and all, whipping up a wind storm in the stadium, but seriously, how frightening is a towel that looks like it's been soaked in hot dog mustard?! 

This is frightening on a whole other level

Unless you are scared of mustard, which according to Google, is called mustophobia! tehehe

Now THE Ohio State University. Why are you undefeated in basketball? So unfair, yes I am sad because I am a UK fan. I think being from Northern KY has helped me developed the dislike for Buckeye fans. Plus there are SO many of them, Ohio State has approx. 1 billion students, so with parents, residents of Columbus and parts of Ohio, there are fans everywhere. It's insane.

When I hear Ohio State I kind of throw up in my mouth a little, especially when it's Ohio State Football...bleck! Oh and they even made sweater vests icky, thank you Jim.

I think everyone is allowed to have teams they don't like, so don't judge! :)

Coach Jim Tressel may be slightly well-known for rockin the sweater vest

But good for you icky sports teams that I do not like, you are kicking some behind currently. But please don't think it's jealousy or that I wish to be like you, because that is not the truth. I will just accept your crazy obnoxious-ness as it is and continued to be annoyed by you while you kick butt.I bleed blue.  I can still have my hope for my UK basketball freshies, we finally won on the road this weekend! yay us!

Polson got some real play time
And Terrence was the dunking master! :)

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