Sunday, January 30, 2011

Almost 12 hours of sleep later...

Hmmm today, what to write about? Well I woke up after going to bed at 9:15pm at 8:30am this morning, let's just say there was nyquil involved, feeling a tiny bit better. I came down stairs ate my Special K, watched a Becker Audit video, then began to feel miserable again and headed back up to bed at about 9:45 am. I was planning on trying to make it to church but I decided a little to late that I would put some effort into getting ready. However I convinced myself to get ready and have lunch over at the Kasten's, despite feeling terrible, still.

It was lovely to be out in the fresh air finally after being cooped up the previous day. We even cracked the windows on the car ride over, the fresh air was overwhelmingly great. Jan (Michael's mom) made a yummy Caribbean meal of Jerk Chicken, Mango Salsa, Rice, Veggies, Corn Cakes, and delicious rum cake with ice cream for dessert. It made all of us feel warm and look forward to the summer.

Even after lunch I still felt like poo, but still wanted to go to bible study. Michael and I enjoyed B-stud tonight, it was a smaller group but we played an interesting marshmallow game that taught us how to communicate better and we got to hear everyone's "when I realized I liked him/her" stories, which were cute, sweet, and funny. I'm glad I went, lets just hope no germs were spread!

Let me tell you about what JUST happened, like right now as I was sitting here thinking about what to write. Michael took the dogs out to pee while he got the mail (yes, I realize it's Sunday, no mail, but Michael didn't really leave the house yesterday either, so no trip to the mailbox was taken). Well when they were walking back in Michael thought Carson was slowing down to stop and wait for him to open the door to let him in. Well, he was wrong, Carson ran at full speed into the glass storm door. I could hear the loud BOOM as he ran into it. Michael was cracking up and Carson didn't even seem to realize that he just killed half of his brain cells. This dog is crazy. Lately we've been calling him Mr. Kangaroo because of the hops this white little doggy has. When offering him a treat, he will jump a few feet in the air, repeatedly. The joy he has for life is overwhelming and awesome. I wish I had the energy that he had sometimes, maybe not his brains, but definitely the energy! :)

Hopefully tomorrow will bring a healthier feeling body, I've already planned for an early, 6:30 am run with Miss Elyse Hoxby, so we shall see how that goes!

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