Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow White's Guardian Angel!

Today Snow White, my 98 civic, had a guardian angel looking out for her. Or in other words a good neighbor. 

 This morning I was about to leave for work when I realized that was going to be impossible. I went to unlock my door and it was frozen shut! Oh this is surprising?! Well no, it's not. Snow White has a tendency of freezing shut in the winter. It became so frequent that last winter I always left my back seats down, open to the trunk, so that if the doors were to freeze I could crawl in through my trunk and drive my car until it was warmed up enough to open the doors. Real ghetto and safe sounding right??

Back to the story, I was unable to leave for work. I remember my dad telling me to get a lighter and heat up my key to unfreeze the lock. So I ran in the house and got the lighter, well it was soooo cold the lighter wouldn't really light outside. fail. However, I stuck my key in the lock and I guess it had warmed it up enough to unlock the door. Well that was only the first issue solved. Now that the door was unlocked I go to pull the door and it's super frozen. 

Snow White also has this problem where the door doesn't really seal and sometimes when it rains really hard it rains in my car, only on the drivers side. Well I guess since I had driven my car yesterday some of the water that had melted on my car came in the door jams and frozen in the extreme arctic temperatures last night. I'm sitting there yanking and pulling on my doors when my graduate school-aged neighbor that drives a Honda leaves his garage, pictured behind my car. I guess he could see me just standing outside looking at my car in the frigid weather and he jumped out of the car to help me.

He couldn't open the door immediately either so he ran in the garage and sprayed all of the cracks of the door with de-icing spray. We stood there for a minute waiting for it to work. Well it loosened a bit but we would pull and the door would only move a tiny bit. So he runs to his garage again and grabs a screw driver and a towel. I was thinking, WHAATTTTT is he going to do with that?!? Well he gets the door open with it that's what! I was so grateful, after 10 minutes of work on my car door it was open and I was so relieved! Thank you neighbor dude, you're awesome!

I guess that I can learn from this that Snow White is kind of like me, hating this cold weather and not wanting to go out into it. I don't blame you Snow White, these winters are miserable!

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