Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Forgetfulness and Dragging molasses clocks!

2 things for the day:

First of all, I hope I am not the only one that has done this but it happens to me all the time...

So remember in high school when it used to be cool to write stuff on your hand, like "Ashley loves Michael"? Well remember when you were in college and you wrote stuff on your hand merely to remember things because you're brain was starting to leak gook because of all of the knowledge you were consuming?


Well remember when you were in grad school and nothing you did could help you remember? Case and point below.

So yes, writing on your hand is kinda not very professional, but sometimes when the only resources you have is your skin and a pen, you have to "make it work", in the words of Tim Gunn. My Dad used to get on my ALL the time about writing on my hand and how it was trashy, so yes, I understand.

Back to the story, yesterday I wrote 2 different items on my hand that were extremely important to remember. Well the thing about writing on your hand means you must be concise. There's not a whole lot of space to work with. Well when you are crazy, like me, apparently one word to describe something important is definitely not enough, or maybe the word I chose to describe this was too vague? But when I went to look at my hand, I had no clue what my descriptors were telling me to remember. FAIL right? I feel old at the ripe age of 22, is that sad? Frustrating yet funny at the same time

Item #2 - today, in class, it felt like the clock was literally stuck in a glass of molasses or was really tired of being a clock and took a nap during the 3 hours I was in class because my day DRAGGED. I felt like I was looking at the clock every 3.4 seconds. That was dreadful. What is more dreadful is when you are hungry in class with a slow clock and it's getting dark outside *yawn, look at clock, yawn, gurgle of stomach, look at clock, yawn*.


What makes it worse was that in the 10 minute break we had between classes, I decided to try to fix at least one of my problems. I ran as quickly as I could to the vending machine to grab a quick snack. Well I think God wanted me to save my money or he was playing a not so funny joke on me. I quickly picked out some cookies that looked yummy and went to throw my money in. OK, well it spit out one of my quarters and it wouldn't take it. so I asked for my money back, silly machine only gave  me $1 out of the $1.25 I inserted. I had my mind set on these cookies and asked the UK dining dude for my quarter back, which he did. So I tried the same process with all quarters this time, well the vending machine was very rude and decided it did not like quarters and spit all of them out. Let's just say that my snack crusade was another FAIL for the day. I reluctantly pouted back upstairs to class for another hour-twenty starving and tired.

Thankfully I survived the eternity that was class today and am very thankful to be at home lounging with the computer trying to remember what I meant by the 2 words written on my hand!


  1. Been there done that! I always hated eating snacks in class cause you end up being the person making all the noise from opening the bag and sticking your hand in it and then actually eating and everyone in class looks at you while you are focusing on the teacher until you realize there are a dozen pair of eyes that keep looking at you. So then you try not to eat the food so fast so people don't realize how hungry you are and that you are ready to eat anything in sight.

    And as for the time... there are days at work where I feel like the day drags and I can't wait to take my breaks even though i am only there 7 hours. And other days (like today) where i am there for 8.5 hours and i only took 1 of my 3 breaks cause i felt like there was so much work to do and so little time!