Thursday, January 13, 2011


Well it's getting to that time of the night where I realize, crap I need to write something in the blog. Today was pretty uneventful and I don't have anything that is really begging me to write about it. I guess I could bore you with the stuff I did today or just keep you waiting at then end of your seats.

I guess the one thing that I will mention is that Michael and I got "Inglourious Basterds" from our Netflix recently because I had never seen it and we watched it tonight. Oh, my goodness, what a LONG movie. Michael was telling me that his Dad didn't like the movie because it was not historically accurate, well he was definitely right in that! No where close! But I still enjoyed my bag of popcorn during the movie and turned my head and gagged every time they scalped a Nazi or engraved things in people's foreheads. GROSS! Although, the movie did have it's funny parts, I will give it that. And I love Brad Pitt, he is hilarious! "arrivederci" *with super country accent* :)

My professor mentioned a movie today, in class, that I had never heard of, "The King's Speech". Has anyone seen this movie? My professor (accounting professor mind you) said he ranked it up with "The Social Network" for movie of the year but I had never heard of it, he showed us the trailer in class because we were discussing presenting skills. The movie does however have Colin Firth (who was in 2 girly movies I do love, "What a Girl Wants" staring Amanda Bynes and "Love Actually" starring a slew of British actors) AND Helena Bonham Carter (many of you may know her as Bellatrix Lastrange in Harry Potter or Mrs. Lovett in "Sweeney Todd"). So my professor has peaked my interest and I may see this movie. Here's the trailer:

I hope you have a great Thursday evening! I am super pumped about my 4 day weekend ahead of me, lots of fun stuff to do, people to see, and maybe a little homework here and there! :)


  1. I thought Inglorious Basterds was awesome, though you're right, not historically accurate!

    The King's Speech does look really good, I have n't seen it yet but I know someone who has and they said it was amazing. Plus I love Colin Firth (to quote 30 Rock, "that man can wear a sweater!") and Helena Bonham Carter!

  2. The King's Speech is awesome! You really have to see it.... I was the only one in our class who saw it when Dan asked so I need someone to join the ranks with me.