Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Brain is MUSH

This is exactly how I'm feeling right now. My test is in 18 hours. I cannot focus for the life of me. I feel like I just space out looking at my note cards. I cannot even be creative and think of something to write about. So I updated my blog template again. I am much more happy with it now. There will probably still be changes but it's fun to do and I got to learn a little about photo editing on the way!

Also, check out Michael's new years resolution on Facebook, he is taking after his sister, Andrea, and doing a photo-a-day for the year. He is definitely learning a lot about the new  camera (we got it for Christmas) through this process so far.

Michael is "on call" tonight at Good Samaritan so I am here with the pups on my own. I will probably review for a bit and the brainlessly watch TV. Sorry for nothing funny today it's just my day consisted of studying and running at the Johnson Center. How about I leave you with this little nugget the kids I used to babysit showed me the other day. It should make you smile :)

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