Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some things that I encountered today that I like and dislike.

Zumba Class.

Yes these brightly dressed latinos are in the Zumba video that Brittany Meyer owns.
 Not only is dancing as a workout extremely fun, it also makes me feel like I am about to die, which definitely qualifies it as a great workout. Constant dancing for 50 minutes to fast paced latin, hip hop, and other types of music makes my heart feel like it is about to beat out of my chest and definitely brings out some scents from people in this class that you really don't wanna smell. If you have the chance you should definitely try Zumba. I went tonight at the Johnson Center and have been going since last semester, an awesome and fun alternative to running on the treadmill!

Balls on Cars...GROSS


Someone in front of me today had balls on their car. I do not like them, they are completely disgusting. The only thing it does signify is that the driver is most likely a tool and to not make eye contact when you pass in fears of creepy nods or eyebrow raises.

Child-like dinners

Yes you see fish sticks, ketchup, peas, and mashed potatoes. PS I despise any type of seafood but I will eat creepy frozen fish sticks. How weird am I?!?
 Now that I am married it is more rare for me to have dinners like this but Michael and I definitely still enjoy the kiddie meals and it's always a plus that these meals are cheap. Mac and Cheese is definitely a frequent meal at our house and if its a really special dinner ;) we will add hot dogs to our mac and cheese hahaha! Not only do I eat like a child at home I also ALWAYS order Fazoli's child's spaghetti with meat sauce, it's the perfect portion and only like $3 with a drink!

Group Projects
 I am in 2 classes right now that last only 8 weeks, lets just say I have those two classes everyday Monday through Thursday so assignments are crammed in here and there CONSTANTLY. Our 2 classes decided to have group projects in them. Apparently us MSACC students have no lives beyond working on group projects together. Yes, when you are in undergrad it's hard to get people together for group projects. Well in grad school its hard too, a lot of us have jobs, responsibilities, spouses, etc. so these next 2 months are going to be a big bundle of joy as we work on these quite large projects. BOO SCHOOL!

I am jogging my brain with something that I encountered today that will allow me to end on a positive, happy, good feeling note...uhhhh.....ummmm....hmmmm...

I've got it!

French looking puppy dogs!

So yesterday Michael got me flowers, they had this purple papery stuff with them. We decided it would be a good idea to tie it around Willis' neck. Uber cute, and looked spectacular was his black fur. Apparently Carson was jealous of Willis' stylish look, obviously Willis is perturbed that Carson is trying to de-scarf him. He says "Oui Oui, this is my tie not yours Monsieur Carson!"

Well that's it! A little of what I liked and disliked about today!

P.S. I'd like to wish a very happy 86th birthday to the coolest Grandpa in the world. He lives in Atlanta. They got a huge snow storm last week. Please let me share a quick story about him with you. With all of the snow and ice in Atlanta, my grandpa decided it would be wonderful to whip out the old sled and ride it down the street. And that's what he and my Grandmother did. They went SLEDDING and they are in their 80s. My grandpa was telling me that when he was going down the road he saw an SUV coming down the road and imagined the SUV sliding sideways down the hill and smashing him so he lurched his body to the side and threw himself off the sled into the grass! (how intense is he!?!) The SUV ended up turning before it got to him, but I could only imagine that in my head. HILARIOUS!! Way to be Grandpa Chuck!

That's my handsome grandpa on the left! :)


  1. OMG I HATE balls on trucks! one of my friends jokingly said she was going to get me some for my truck and I gave her the death stare! (not to mention my truck is a girl) They may as well have a big neon sign above their vehicle that says, "I am a HUGE bag of douche!"

  2. p.s. your grandparents are adorable! I wish i could have seen them sledding!!!!!!!