Monday, January 10, 2011

Sweaters and Bird Poo

So instead of boring you with another day full of Ashley, I'd like to discuss two things that kind of annoyed me today. 

1. Hungry Sweaters - Hungry Sweaters you say? What does that mean? I think you know very well what that means. You know when you are wearing a cute sweater and throughout the day the sweater continues to grow and stretch and then by the end of the day the sweater has basically eaten you?

Yes, well this happened to me today and I found it rather annoying. Michael got me this cute sweater for Christmas and I really like it so I wore it for the first day of class today. Well as the day progressed I had to keep adjusting the dag' on thing to keep it from falling off my shoulders, exposing my bra strap, etc. Not to mention that I also had awkward stretched out elbows. You know the kind where you straighten your arm and you have elbow boobs? Yes. They aren't fun, they aren't comfortable, and I do not like them. From all the stretching and tugging to adjust my sweater downward all day I ended up with what may be fashionable now-a-days but totally unintentional, a sweater dress. My sweater was so stretched out it definitely could have become a trendy little sweater dress with tights. FAIL. 

With the thoughts and self consciousness surrounding my sweater all day I was left with this lovely and addicting song in my head all day!

Yes, Weezer's very own, Sweater Song, called Undone.

2. Complaint/Annoyance #2 from the day has to do with birds and their unsightly, clumpy poo.

Birds, may I ask you a question? Ok, why do you feel it is necessary to group up into your big groups of friends/bullies and release everything you have in your body on ONE car at once? I feel it is completely unnecesary and rude! What did my car ever do to you. And why do you always pick my car?

I walked out to my car today to find my white little snow-white (that is here name) covered in icky brown bird poo. gross. WHY birds WHY?! I had breakfast with my Dad this morning and he made me feel real cool when we were walking out of the restaurant.  He felt it necessary to mention "how good I was taking care of my car".  Thanks Dad, I didn't realize my car was super nasty, I love driving a bird toilet around the city! :) Yeah, so my once white car is now a lovely brown color and since we are anticipating a snow storm soon there is really no chance of me rectifying the poo situation.

I am so sorry Snow-white, I hope you forgive me :(
K, so, this isn't my car and it wasn't this bad but still, birds are bullies, uncool!
There ya go, now you know what REALLY was annoying me all day. Were you attacked by hungry sweaters or fiber filled birds today?! I hope you weren't ! :)

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  1. I know what you mean about the sweaters! I hate when I push the sleeves up and they slowly stretch out and I keep having to push them up cause they won't stay up anymore and every time they slide down the my wrists they are stretched out and look really bad so I have to push them back up whether they stay or not. And it is just a repetitive useless cycle!