Thursday, January 6, 2011

I just thought of a funnnnny joke!

What's a pirate's favorite section of the CPA exam?
RRRRRRRRegulation! (ok so it doesn't really have the "R" sound that the other pirate jokes have like Arrrrbys, but all of the funny has been taken out of me from this exam today!)

So the good news and the bad news. Good: I'm done studying for regulation (for now) because I took it today . The bad news: Not feeling so hot about it.BUT I must say, that while en route to the Prometrix location I was taking the exam at, I heard on the radio someone talking about Philippians 4:6.

" Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."

It was the perfect thing to hear at the perfect timing. I worry way too much, I am basically known for it. But there's nothing I can do about the test now, it is out of my hands and done with. Now I just need to relax on my overly worrying self and let Him do what He wants me to do! So now that I'm done, I can rest in the fact that I tried my best and studied very hard!
Besides from the exam I haven't really done much else today besides eat a whole bag of popcorn and about 50 sour patch kids, don't judge, this is how I deal with stress. I believe the Lord gave me a fast metabolism because he knew how big of a worrier I am, and that when I worry I immediately begin to shove food in my mouth! :) thank you.

As I sit here typing this at 4:45 pm, which appears to be dusk, I have noticed what a cute little 6 month old pup we have (he was 6 months old 2 days ago). He's pictured here next to the couch, sleeping on a bean bag chair that my old dog Buster used to love to sleep on. He's just too precious. Please forgive me for it being dark, I didn't want to wake him up and I took it on the Mac photobooth thingy.

As for tonight I believe Michael and I will be watching the Truman Show. We have had it from Netflix for a while now and I've been too caught up in studying to watch it. I've never seen it, Michael has, and he says it's worth watching. If it isn't, warn me now and we can watch something better!!

Oh and a Wii/Xbox game recommendation for all you Harry Potter lovers out there. For Christmas I got Michael Harry Potter Lego for the Wii and we L-O-V-E playing it together. It's such a fun/silly game and even though we don't know what we are doing half the time it has really allowed us to spend time together playing video games instead of me just watching him play his "guy games"
Doesn't it look awesome and full of adventure? heck yes!

How are everyone's New year's resolutions going so far? Have you enjoyed your break if you had one? I hope you have because I have had a very lovely and blessed break!! Talk to you all tomorrow and have some fun tonight, I mean, come on, it's Thursday night for crying out loud! 


  1. I was asleep on the couch upstairs and you didn't take a picture of me :(

  2. I watched The Truman Show with your mom and my mom! That was way back when I TOTALLY didn't understand it! lol. I should see it again.

  3. Was I there when you watched it? Cause part of me feels like I have seen it but I don't really remember much haha

  4. I didn't take your Disney poll because my favorite is Ariel :)

  5. well i couldn't list them all!!! I listed the main oldies

  6. Mike says I should post that Harry Potter Wii is annoying cuz I can't remember the buttons....It is true that every time we start back up again he has to remind me of all the buttons & then it takes 5 minutes for me to really get it down...but I totally agree fun & so silly.
    Also, I don't know what a bean counter is...

  7. Vanna, I forget what the buttons are every time too! I just start hitting buttons like crazy hoping it's the right one and then I end up changing from Ron to Scabbers which is normally not what I am trying to do.

    A bean counter is an accountant. :)
    Here's's definition:

    bean-counter definition

    1. n.
    a statistician; an accountant. : When the bean-counters get finished with the numbers, you won't recognize them.

  8. We got Donkey Kong country for Wii for Christmas, it's like seriously amazing, I love it, mostly cuz I loved it on Super Nintendo. But it's buttons are simpler than HP, I remember in like 2 seconds!
    Bean counter is a funny name, I like it :)

  9. Haha I know you can't list them all! There are so many!!! I have to admit, I'm not too hyped about the oldies, I guess I just don't remember them that much. I remember watching A Goofy Movie, but my childhood was mostly the Disney Princesses. I do remember playing a Mickey Mouse game on our computer when I was little. Old Old school computer and game!

  10. Vanna - I have heard good things about Donkey Kong for Wii, my brother and I used to play it ALL THE TIME growing up, new game to consider!!

    Christina - I'm not really sure who my favorite oldie is either, Goofy Movie was the bomb diggity though!