Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snow, Football, Basketball, and Gymnastics

On this lovely Saturday morning, Michael and I woke up to a snow covered world. I had recently just said our snow accumulation had slowed down a bit and then here came the snow! Michael immediately headed outside to capture his photo of the day with our spiffy camera and snow hungry puppies! Here it is! I like it!

Our doggies LOVE running as fast as they can through the snow. I think Willis really likes it because it feels good on his feet. I don't know if you all know, but Willis' feet turn out, kind of like a ballerina's, and sometimes I think he has a lot of pain in them because he licks them a lot, but yes, that is why I think he is so snow crazy. He is sooo cute in the snow too, since he's all black he comes inside with a white snow covered nose and it's adorable!

Since we got a good amount of snow I took the authority to decide that we were going to go sledding! Michael and I have never been sledding before and we got snow tubes and a sled for Christmas and we HAD to put them to good use. We blew up the intertube (which took forever), loaded up, and drove to Shriners on Richmond Road.

 We had a great time, we were definitely the oldest ones there by far, I think the oldest kid there was probably 7 but we had a good time any way!

Next we headed back home to watch the UK vs. Pitt bowl game. Let's just say disappointment, for those of you who don't know, we lost, and yes it was embarrassing. Well, it was just a disappointing day overall for UK sports, we next headed to a cigar bar in Jessamine County (Michael's friend from high school opened this place and Michael and our friend Andy Yocum wanted to check it out, smoke is definitely not my favorite thing to hang around) to watch the UK vs UGA basketball game. Which sadly again, we lost and shouldn't have lost. Sad, sad day. 

Immediately after the heartbreaking loss, Michael dropped me off at Memorial on campus to meet Amanda Myser and Brittany Meyer to watch the UK gymnastic team's "excite night", which is their first meet of the year. It was fun to catch up with the girls AND I LOVE GYMNASTICS! What these girls can do is amazing! I totally wish I had stuck with gymnastics as a child, I wish I could flip myself around 10 times at any point in time! Well these girls rocked it, We were up against #13 ranked Illinois and Northern Illinois, we were ranked #20 and we were awesome. I love the girl's floor routines, especially the UK girl's routines, they are very soulful and fun! At least one UK sport won today! GO GIRLS!

Well as much as I'd love to type more, it's late and I'm sleepy, it's been a long day!

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