Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK 2011

No, the title of this is not MILK 2011, read carefully, MLK , like Martin Luther King Day silly--- as much as I do like milk, there would probably not be a day dedicated to it! :)

So first thing is first...if ya'll haven't noticed there's a page views counter at the bottom of my blog and I believe last night I surpassed 1,000 views! WOOO celebrations!! hahaha...anyway just wanted to make note of that!

So I will devote today's post to commemorate fun MLK activities of days past. I would like to give this post to a special group of friends who for 2 years went to Gatlinburg, TN for MLK weekend to spend a fun weekend together in a cabin in the mountains! 2008 and 2009

This post is for you: Vanna Armstrong, Mike Armstrong, Sam Coons, Sam Giffin, Laura Benninger, Ian Banta, Becca Colbert, I love you all sooo much!

So much has changed since we went to g-burg, Laura, Mike, Vanna and myself are now married. Sammy Giffin lives in Cali. Sam Coons and Ian Banta are working their behinds off as Christian Student Fellowship Staff. And Becca is rolling her way through her degree and working.

Much thanks to Vanna's parents for letting us trek down to G-burg with their minivan both years. Also, thanks to Poppa Giffin (Sam Giffin) for arranging our lodging each year, he was/still is awesome!

These trips meant so much to me and I miss the times we had together. It was awesome to be able to devote an entire weekend to our special close group of friends. Although we have all moved on in our lives we still have the special bond and laughs that MLK weekend brought us.  Whether we were hiking through the woods, slurping hot chocolate because it was frigidly cold, hot tubbing, playing board games, cooking together, walking the G-burg strip, dancing in the car to sweet jams, or dining together, a good time was always had and smiles were always left imprinted on my face. MLK weekend was like a little preview of heaven and a good time, always!

Let's recap and remember a little bit of the good times that we had!

2008 MLK  - Let me just note that this was the period that I first began text-flirting with Mr. Michael Kasten. He was on UK's ski trip out west and I was here and we practically texted the whole weekend. Who knew what would result from that?! Also, Mike and Vanna were not yet dating, but their relationship was definitely blossoming and growing! :)
Being the college students that we were, we were so proud to make a cheap homemade dinner. This was everyone!
Becca hugged trees while we were there
Our classic group shot!
Mel's Diner, a must-have for G-burg...yummy shakes and burgers
This picture definitely summed up the amount of fun we had


And Sam proposed to Vanna. (not)
And 2009- the attendees changed up a little bit but the fun was still had...

The blog is being all funky and not letting me add captions to the '09 photos. But this year Mike and Vanna were officially dating I believe, we celebrated Sam Coons' birthday with a variety of cakes,  and the boys loved playing with the ice daggers when we were hiking

Well there ya go, that is a little summary of 2 very special MLK weekends. I am so lucky to have my hubs for this MLK weekend, it's all just positive happy memories when I think about MLK. I hope everyone enjoyed their MLK day and reflected on good long-weekend times!

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