Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Crunch time Captain!

Captain Crunch - 340g  
No silly people it is not Captain Crunch time, as much as I would like it to be. It is actually CPA exam crunch time!!! ahhhh!!!! That also does not mean that I'll be eating CPA study guides, you fools! It's Monday and my exam is Thursday. Time to frantically study as much as I can until my brains start leaking out my ears. Ok, let's be realistic, I probably won't study that much BUT I will be studying A LOT. (Although, once again I will be attending my beloved UK game tonight vs. Penn to see my Jorts, baby freshies, awkward white man (Hood) and darius play) So today this is basically what I've been looking at all day!
My new best friend, Becker Regulation

A flash card pile the size of my face
And my totes awesome lunch bag Lisa gave me! So I don't even have to leave my study room!

Now for all you "normal" people out there, be grateful, please. Think of the freedom you have, you can walk from room to room throughout the day?! WHAT? You can pee WHENEVER you want? INSANE! You use your vocal cords to communicate with others? Now that's just spectacular. Please take a moment and be grateful that you are 1. Not locked in a cage like a poor little dog all day (oh yeah that's my dogs) or 2. stuck in a room studying taxes, and business law (although, studying this has made me realize that I am glad that I didn't decide to go into law, that stuff is so dry and very intense!)

Now I'm not complaining, I'm merely communicating about my daily "study" routine. And yes I am not studying now, but when you look at green flashcards for over an hour i think you deserve a break!

I am not sure if you are aware... but you are reading the blog of the official Quinterius Kasten ESPN fantasy league ( 5 guys and 5 girls composed this league)

Major thanks to Michael Kasten for pushing me into playing fantasy for the first time ever. Now I am OBSESSED, thank you very much! I know WAY more of the players names, positions, etc. and it has definitely been a really fun season! Especially for the girl who is a HUGE Eagles fan and had Michael Vick (yes I love dogs and I still like Michael Vick, people make mistakes, I forgive him, plus he's made an awesome come back!) and Lexington's very own David Akers (kicker) on her team! :) GO EAGLES!!

*if you are unaware I am also a Cincinnati Bengals fan, since I am originally from 20 minutes outside of Cincy, this has been a sad year. for a streak of maybe 9 weeks the bengals lost all of their games in a row, I feel like I must fess up and admit, it is mine and Michael's fault. Carson our pup is named after Carson Palmer because they were playing when we got him, ever since we got him they had their very large losing streak and I apologize for that*

GREAT NEWS FOR TODAY! The Johnson Center (UK's fitness center) FINALLY reopened! I trekked over there around 8 AM this morning and huffed and puffed through my awful workout. It is a shame what Christmas break and lack of exercise has done to me. So, for those of you that would like to start from square one with me and exercising (BLARGH) let me know, I will be making the trip to the treadmills and stationary bikes my friend as I try to get into shape again. (silly winter for making me want to stay indoors and be lazy!) 
ALSO, I will beginning to try a NEW mode of exercise. Lap swimming! WOOO Michael got me a one piece suit and goggles for Christmas and I am going to try and take some of the strain off of my little womanly knees. I think it should be fun, although I do have the shoulders of, let's say, a 10 year old? haha, muscle soon to come I hope! Shout-outs to my girlie Annie Wilson who will hopefully be reminding me of the basics to lap swimming since I haven't really swam since I was at the "shark" level of my YMCA swimming lesson days! But lets just say I'm pretty excited for something new!

Well I guess it's time to get back to studying. My poor little note-cards miss my gentle caress and this lovely table misses me banging my head on it in frustration! I hope you all have a great day! PLEASE follow my blog so I don't feel like such a huge loser! k thanks! :)


  1. I feel for you! I thought studying for the GRE was a huge pain in the butt (and come to find out i didn't even need to take it!) It will all be worth it in the end though!