Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Taco Night

MMM..mmmm..mmmm!! I love me some taco night. Not only is a taco just plain delicious but the meal is sooo quick to put together! Michael started the taco meat when I was on my way home from class and we were sitting down to dinner about 5 minutes after I got home! How awesome is that?! Anyway, I do love taco night, I'm glad tonight was taco night. I could probably have taco night once a week. I believe my husband would prefer enchilada night, which is a pretty good night too! :)

Let's just say I'm glad tonight is taco night. Michael and I both have pretty important things going on in the next couple of days and a complex meal would have been very taxing! Michael has 2 shelf exams on Friday and I have my first exam tomorrow (we were given a list of 7 possible essays, that's a lot of things to remember when only 2 of them will be selected and we've only had about a day and a half to study) and a group presentation tomorrow. Talk about how exhausted I will be tomorrow?! VERY!

Since Michael and I have been in full study mode our house has become a wreck. I have felt like a chicken with my head cut off for most of the week and the house is becoming a good example of how my brain feels. Tonight we took a few minutes to pick up, but not to Ashey standards, but it'll have to do until I have time, like in August, to clean it up! haha!

Well I shouldn't waste much time on here writing, I'm sorry for such a disappointing post, but it's what I've got! I hope you aren't studying your life away right now like me! And goodness gracious snow, would you PLEASE go away, haven't you gotten the multitudes of messages I've been sending you about how much you suck and how you should go away? um, well, k, thanks snow! You are ignorant and do not listen, how do you even have any friends?!

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  1. my room typically reflects the state of my life ;) you're not alone! and good luck on the exams!