Monday, January 31, 2011

My Day: *Cough* School *Cough* Dinner *Cough* Tired

So today started out as a pretty bleh day. My 6:30am run with Elyse didn't end up happening, although we did text each other for like 15 minutes at 6:15am to determine that Elyse did not have the proper attire to run in the chilly weather. I was pretty impressed by the coherency of our texts at such an early hour! I convinced myself that I would workout after class, because of course, by then, I would be feeling better.

Well after being awake so early I decided to get some Becker work done and get ready for my day. I stocked up on meds for the day, sudafed, advil, etc. when my Dad texted to tell me he'd be down in Lex for the day! Yay! I offered to make him and my brother Ryan dinner, so it was off to the grocery store for me! I honestly HATE the grocery store, since I am such a penny-pincher, it seems like the numbers and aisles all start spinning out of control,  making me feel dizzy. And there are WAY too many options, and as a novice cook, 2 options are too many!  But today was much worse, I think because of the high dose of meds I took all at once, the grocery store was extremely dizzying. I tried to get in and out of there as soon as possible. What I did not know at the time was that I'd feel like this for the rest of the day, boo :(.

Then came the part of the day that I won't bore you with. School, school, and school from about 12-6:15. I felt like poo the whole day but tried my best to fight my way through it. After my group met up to discuss a project, I RUSHED home to throw together a dinner that I didn't realize would take an hour and a half to make. I got home around 6:30 and my Dad and brother arrived for dinner around 7:15, it was definitely not ready yet. I made (for the first time) Chicken Parmesan, asparagus, salad, bread and chocolate chip cookies for dessert and Ryan brought over some Sangria! :). I am a very self conscious cook. I may be kind of obnoxious the first time I have made something asking, "um, does that taste ok?!, "are you sure?!", "please be honest with me". But after all of my thrown together cooking, the result was pretty satisfactory, all of the men cleared their plates and me, the only woman, did not, but I think it was because I took to much?! haha! When all was sad and done though, I was glad I made it, quickly put together dinners like this may be the reality of my future, when there are jobs, kids, and etc. to tend to!

Here's Michael's photo of the day of our food!

Well the fam left around 9, and now I have a butt-ton of dishes to clean up, a blog to write, and homework to do for tomorrow. I'm glad I got to infuse my day with a little bit of family time though, it definitely turned it around for me.  Despite the fact that I wore my workout clothes all day today, and alas no working out! OH WELL.

 Michael starts real surgery tomorrow (today was orientation) and he has to be in at 5am. I feel bad for him, sleep deprivation will become his friend sooner rather than later! But for me, it is time to do some work before an early bed time for the early riser! Goodnight Friends! :)

*thinking of all of you effected by the apparently huge blizzard that is ripping it's way through the US*

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