Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello there February!

Alas! It is February! The month of Valentines Day, President's Day, cold weather, 3 of my cousins birthdays, AND mine and Michael's dating anniversary (it will be 3 years on the 8th!)! Not only is February those things, but it is also the month before my birthday wooo!!!

Well as exciting as some of the things I listed are, February is also bringing some things that I am not looking forward to. For example, the Audit section of the CPA exam, which is quickly approaching on the 25th and working on and completing 2 separate group projects for class by the end of February, and wrapping up the classes I am currently in! I am doing my best at keeping a positive attitude during this month, thinking despite the shortness of this month (which I normally would like because it makes my birthday sooner) which allows for barely any time to get work done, at least it will hopefully go by quickly. No, I am not wishing my life away, I am just looking forward to happier, do what I want, times!

So this morning was Michael's first wake up at the crack of dawn, well not even really the crack of dawn because the sun was definitely no where near coming up, for surgery day. His alarm went off at 4:10am! Crazy right?! We ended up going to bed around like 11:15-11:30 so the poor guy barely got any sleep! Surprisingly, my snoozing wasn't really bothered by his milling around and preparing for his day, although I did ask that he shower and get ready in the other bathroom! I do remember him kissing me goodbye and then I was out again, waking back up on my own at 7:30.

One thing that makes me sad about surgery is that Michael won't be able to really text me throughout the day. I like being able to text him throughout the day, even if its a question about something or just seeing what he's up to.  Besides texts from Michael I really don't converse with people unless I am at school, work, or blogging to you all! (No, this does not make me a loner, it just makes me a married girl with no other roomies who is super busy with schoolwork!) So you know, if you're bored, you can talk to me!!

Michael has emphasized that I need to hangout with friends during this time he's on surgery. Well look-at-you Mr. Michael, I didn't realize I needed to hangout with friends or that I am a busy person too! :) When he told me this I was like, "really?! I hang out with people all the time!" haha! Oh well! Anyway, some of the bstud girls decided for girls night we are going to make a list of things that we didn't get to do, but wanted to do before our wedding and do them all together. All of us girls realized that although we loved our b-maids in our weddings, they weren't always up to doing what the bride wanted to do. For example, although this is a kind of stupid thing to do before a wedding (you know broken arms, noses, etc.), I REALLY wanted to go roller skating. And if you all haven't watched the Office recently some of the guys go roller skating during their lunch break and Andy requests the DJ to play some Dave "deep tracks" was funny! :)


Well, no one wanted to go with me, but when I mentioned the idea to these girls, they were pumped out of their minds! I was like, you all are freaking awesome! So we are going to construct a list of things, and it will be fun, I guarantee it!

Well that's all for today folks! I hope you aren't about to be stranded in 2 feet of snow like parts of the US, please be safe and enjoy your day!


  1. awe i love the part about not texting with the hubs...I am the exact same! I only text Kev throughout the day and dont really talk to anyone else ha ha i dont feel so bad now!

  2. Isn't it funny, at our age we should be out talking to people constantly, but we have such great men in our lives that it's all we need to get us through!? AWESOME! Sometimes I feel antisocial, but I think that's just what happens when you're married?! haha

  3. My word! You are not anti social! Always going somewhere to eat with friends or over to friends
    house to visit or to a ball game or a workout or
    to church or small groups ... need I list more!!!

  4. Not only does it seem like I rarely text anyone else besides Eric during the day, I tend to just leave my phone in the bedroom or in my purse when I'm home... I mean, I'm with Eric, so *why* would I need phone handy?!

    This however seems to really annoy my sister, so I'm trying to remember other people do occasionally like to talk to me too!

    Long story short, I'm glad to see you post this :)