Saturday, February 5, 2011

Burglar! Burglar! ... False Alarm!

Hello Friends! I hope you all have had a lovely productive, lazy, fun, sleepy Saturday.

Let me start this post off with what I woke up to this morning...
Flash back to 6:15 am, alarming going off, Michael has already been out of bed for 2 hours now and gone to work for one.... I wake up, say "yeah right, I'm not going to workout this early, especially on a Saturday" and I roll back over...

Well approximately 15 minutes later I wake to this little guy barking...

Yes this dude normally wakes up around 8 WHINING to go to the bathroom from his cage, but this morning he was barking! Since this was out of the norm and I was home alone, my first instinct was to freak out, naturally. Sometimes Michael forgets to lock the front door when he leaves and I was scared to death thinking that someone was in the house. I blindly got out of bed, it still being pitch black outside, grab my robe and cell phone (cause you know if I get kidnapped I might be able to call 911 real quick) and slowly open the bedroom door.

I violently turn on each light switch as I approach it saying, "HELLO?!", you know, what most normal people do when they first wake up in the morning. I made it downstairs, front door unlocked of course, I made it to the closet where the dog food is kept and the bathroom...I threw both of those doors open and screamed HELLO!? ... No one... I let the dogs out of their cages and watch to see if they'd go and find the intruder...

Well not to my surprise at all, Carson was just up and at em' early. He just wanted me to come down and say hello to him and give him food. Not to mention give his worrisome mother a HEART ATTACK....whew, we were safe! But now I am up at 6:30 on a Saturday, oh well, might as well start the homework.

The rest of my day consisted of meeting Miss Betsy Cooney and Vanna Armstrong for breakfast at Doodles, which sadly was not very good, except for the beignets I ordered!

We chatted for a bit, Betsy was a UK student, but recently moved back home with her parents to attend IUPUI (some people pronounce it Ewwy Pooey). I loved getting to see her bright smiling face, she's a great friend and always a good time.

After breakfast it was back to the books for a bit. Then it was time to meet up with Adrielle (my mentee)! I've been struggling for fun, different things that we haven't already done, to do with Adrielle, a 9 year old around Lexington. (any suggestions let me know!) I decided today we would go get our nails painted.

When I told Adrielle the plans she was SUPER PUMPED! So off we went in the chilly weather to the nail salon. She immediately knew she wanted a sparkly red color and picked one that reminded me of Dorothy's red slippers in the Wizard of Oz. She really did make a good choice, the color looked really pretty against her skin, and she got white hearts painted on her thumb nails. They looked super cute. I told her that her nails were ready for Valentines Day!

intensely watching
sparkly red!

pretty nails!
We had a blast, I must say it was a lot of fun! I love hanging with that girl. We had a dance party in the car on the way home and it was hilarious and funny! We would talk in funny voices to each other and everything! I dropped her at the Dunbar Community Center downtown and watched a little bit of her brother's basketball game

Jamarius is #22 (black jerseys) and quite the athlete
After the game I debated for a while about whether or not to head to the gym. I mean, what else did I have to do today?! Well I decided originally not too... I popped a bag of popcorn and sat down and watched some of the Glee marathon and Cupcake Wars. After the popcorn I had a change of heart and decided to drag my poor self into the cold and go to the JC for a run. I was gonna push it! I was really proud that I went and I could tell by my time that the sickness from this past week is finally wearing off!

One thing that I must say about going to fitness centers is this: HOW DO MOST OF THE GIRLS THERE LOOK CUTE/ACCEPTABLE WHILE WORKING OUT AND I LOOK LIKE DEATH WARMED OVER??? These girls have their makeup on, hair pulled back all cute, their little black leggings and cute tanks on, barely with a drop of sweat on their bodies despite being on a elliptical for an hour while balancing a magazine on their machine.

I storm into the JC in a baggy tshirt, pale white legs, hair pulled back in a bun, frizzies sticking every which-a-way, hop on a treadmill for about 4 miles, and come off looking like I just had the worst experience ever, shirt is totally soaked through, hair is definitely doing even more crazy things, face is a shade of red that hurts the eyes and I always seem to have the gross stuff on my lips that continues to create itself after I get off the machine. I go to stretch on the mats with the other girls, all pretty and dry, and when I stand up to leave you can see where my body was because there's a big nasty sweat mark that I immediately try and wipe down before anyone else sees. Am I the world's grossest girl?! It's pretty hard to disagree with! haha! Oh well, what can I do?!

One other note for the day: I decided to use my Kentucky "country" roots to fix a reoccurring problem in our house. Carson, the pup, has been tearing out the stuffing in his bed everyday. Well the real quick hillbilly fix to this problem was obvious. Since we don't own a needle and a thread I decided the best way to cover the hole he was using to pull out the stuffing was to, oh you know, duct tap it! AND it worked, he didn't touch the bedding all day, no green fluffy padding floating around our house, it was wonderful!

duct tape hole...SUCCESS!
Well that's about it for my day, looking forward to a fun day tomorrow, some church, some friends, some party, some baking, some running, and maybe some homework (if it's lucky!). Enjoy your evening and stay warm friends!


  1. every time i go to the gym and see cute girls working out i ask the same thing... i can be in the best shape of my life and still turn a lovely shade of purple each time i run. we're normal, i'm convinced ;)

  2. I'm hoping that's the truth and that every other girl at the gym is the "exception" :)

  3. Girl your blog is SO cute! I'm so happy you posted about taking your little pal to get her nails painted... I've been trying to think of fun things to do with mine and I just might steal that one!
    Thanks Ash!!

  4. Thanks!!! Getting your nails painted only costs like 7 dollars, so its fun and pretty cheap. In the summer I may take her to get a pedicure cause they have kiddie chairs at the place we went! Do you have an amachi mentee?!

    Yeah, I am definitely running out of new fun ideas, especially in this cold weather!