Monday, February 28, 2011

My husband is a big silly!

What this man is silly? Why yes he is. The silly actions of Michael William Kasten this morning (please feel bad for me ;) !):

- this morning (a morning where I wasn't getting up at 6 or 7, my alarm was actually set for 9) Michael comes in and jumps on the bed at 7:30 am telling me I should wake up and eat breakfast with him. He had a test at 9 and was studying in the morning.  I said no. And he kept sitting there staring at me. Fine. I'll eat with you.

-Well then my husband decides he wants to make oatmeal. So I stand there and wait to put milk in my cereal until he's done making his oatmeal. So we can eat together, because that was the whole point of me getting up at 7:30 am. Seeing he was done, I put milk on my cereal and then ended up eating alone because he continues to stand in the kitchen by the sink studying while eating his oatmeal. Lame.

-THEN Michael proceeds to BEG me to drive him to school. It's raining and there won't be any spots are his begging points. After a bunch of no's from me I somehow found  myself in the car driving through the pouring rain taking him to school. I reminded  him I was not his mother, this was not something to get used to. But he should do well on his test.

-WELL then I'm at school and my group wants to work on our project after class. Thing is I have to pick up my car-less husband from the hospital. Well I told him I'd pick him up real quick and he could hang with us as we worked on the project for like 45 minutes. Well that wasn't what he wanted to do so he arranged a ride home from the hospital.

-Well remember how he didn't drive himself?!! Yeah, that means no car keys, which means no house keys. Which means fail. He texts me and says he'll wait outside, remember its raining and chilly. He had already tried crawling into the windows (which he blamed me for locking, oh goodness gracious, thats why they're locked so crazies don't crawl into our house) he also said he got the ladder out of the shed and tried the upstairs windows. Luckily the new neighbors moving in next door did not see these shenanigans.

-I told him I may be a while. So the solution to the issue was to have Steve pick him up and go to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. I respond with well please don't buy beer, we have some at home (remember neither of us have a job, this is not an unnecessary request). Well I get a text back saying, Steve made me buy him a beer. Well then. That meant he had to have a beer too. Michael knew he was in trouble and actually vocalized it via text.

-When he finally got home, I was home before he was. He was very sorry for his sillyness. He was so sorry that he suggested I write about him in my blog. I told him I didn't want to make him look stupid or me seem mean, but he told me to do it. And that is also why, on his own, he just left for Kroger to get grocerys while I sit here typing my blog and watching "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".

Please don't read this in a hateful tone. Half of it was funny. Half of it was frustrating to me because Michael had literally pushed me out of the wrong side of the bed in the morning. I just warned him that you don't mess with a woman and her beauty sleep! :)

So that was Michael's sillyness for today. In a semi-shortened version. My man isn't perfect, but I love him anyway. Our life would be super boring without him. <3


  1. Sounds like a "Mom" to me!

    ps, by the way I don't what the "comment as" means on this, you probably don't ever get any of my comments but I think your blogs are cute...I use "anonymous" because it will then at least go through...CS

  2. I'm trying to figure out what CS stands for and I have a couple of ideas in my mind...

  3. I recognize that photo...
    Welcome to the Kasten world! :)