Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Human Deprived and Sleep Deprived

Let's just say that our home is really fun right now. Me being human deprived during the day and Michael being sleep deprived always...I'll explain.

So today I spent the entire day studying at our house. No interactions with humans. At. All. It gets very lonesome when you don't see a human all day until your husband gets home around 6. I mean, as much as I love chatting it up with my dogs, its just not the same. They don't really answer my questions they just twist their heads back and forth as if they are trying to understand.

Then there's Michael. As soon as he got home from work today he passed out on the couch. Like literally, dead. After about an hour of sleeping he sits up and asks me "Who called". Um well, nobody called so I said no one. He said "ok" and laid back down. Then he sat up and said "Who called" again. Once again I reassured him no one. Then he "woke up" again and said he thought he was in the hospital still. My poor husband, he's confused and tired, lucky him he's on call tomorrow night too, so sleep will not be coming his way anytime soon. I tried to convince him to go to bed at 8, but he's such a devoted UK fan he was determined to stay up, even though he missed the first few minutes of the game because he dozed off again.

So since my husband has been sleeping for the majority of the time he's been home I haven't really had any more human interaction than I had before he got home...OH WELL!

Our little house is sad. It's kinda funny and kinda pitiful.

There's only one full day of studying left for me before I have the big exam, so tomorrow hopefully I can crank some good studying out and throw in a little work on a group presentation and hopefully I'll be set. Well, back to the UK game, come on CATS we need a road win!

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