Friday, February 18, 2011

Bikes, Matches, and Ice Cream

Today was yet ANOTHER bea-uuuu-tiful day in the bluegrass! Like seriously February, you are pretty wonderful currently, I know you can't last this way forever, but I'll take it.

In response to the warm weather (and a day off from running) I decided that when I had to go to the library at noon today that I would brave the bike. First I had to wrestle it out of the tiny shed behind our house, which I'm sure was pretty comical looking but I was finally able to get it out of there after much fighting. Ok, so when I used to live on campus riding my bike was not too terrifying. But riding it where I live now is slightly more scary to me. It is definitely a higher traffic area at faster speeds and the route the emergency vehicles take on their way to the hospital. Also,  I just don't trust drivers sometimes. And I don't like trying to get into a turning lane from the right side of the road, and when your hair is down and you turn around to look behind you and then your hair gets stuck in your face, terrifying, yes terrifying. Anyway, I had a lovely bike ride to campus (once off of Tates Creek Road), and I survived! I even arrived earlier than planned, but also sweatier than planned.

Speaking of terrifying things, I am absolutely terrified of lighting matches.
 I can do it (I recently lit my first match) but it absolutely freaks me out. I feel like the fire flies up the match so quick and then i just want to throw it out of my hands. And then I imagine my clothes catching fire or the carpet anything but what I intended to burn, most typically a candle. I am so glad someone created lighters. A much safer option for scaredy cats like me!

Anyway, another awesome thing, besides riding bikes that I did today involved the phone call I received from my husband at around 5:30, he was off work AND he offered to pick me up and take me to get ICE CREAM (one of my favorite things in the world!).
Yes, this is a Bruster's Cherry Vanilla Waffle Cone, a popular flavor at Brusters
 It was great because picking me up involved fitting my bike in his Honda Accord. And what a wonderful surprise it was. Sadly, I was kind of in a bad mood on our way to get the ice cream because I really hadn't eaten much during the day, and people who know me should understand, that if I'm not fed I get cranky. Let's just say the ice cream helped! One of my favorite ice cream condiments are SPRINKLES !
I based our ice cream store location off of the fact of who had sprinkles (and who was close because we didn't have much time) We went to I can't believe its yogurt. I got a Birthday Cake cone with sprinkles and Michael got a cup of Banana Split ice cream. We enjoyed our random surprise treats! (Although it was no Brusters Ice cream, if many of you do not know my parents own a Brusters Ice Cream store in Florence, KY, I will probably devote a post to this place soon and then you'll understand my true love for ice cream!)

 At Flo Critt tonight we watched "Easy A" as well, pretty funny.

All in all, I had a pretty great day. The weather was definitely a factor that played into the great day, despite the studying which I didn't let get me down (the CPA is a week from today!) Well that's it for today, night folks!

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  1. New poll! And I voted!! Yay! (But boo being an adult!)

    I totally support your decision for sprinkles. That is all.