Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our First Married Early Valentines Day Saturday Celebration!

Yay! Saturday! Well, silly body woke me up at 8am this morning so started the morning off with some Special K and some "Parenthood" and then some Becker while waiting on the hubs to awake.

Once the Meechael was awake we journeyed up to the gym for a good workout.
Running Feet!
 This past week was the first week of the Hal Higdon Intermediate 1/2 marathon training schedule, and although I've been running a little bit more than suggested during the week, I still was committing to a long run of 5 miles. And you know one thing I must admit?! I think I am getting used to this whole running on the treadmill thing, which I have always hated and Michael has always loved. And I have always talked down to it. But this COLD COLD COLD winter has made me love the treadmill, so making the switch back to outdoor running soon will be interesting. But hey, this week apparently we will be seeing the 50's! WOO!!

Well the 5 mile run went really well. Michael was telling me a could do it under 45 minutes (9minute miles) but I didn't want to commit. Well guess what?!? I ran it in 41:33, which is an 8:18 mile. hahah, I guess it really wasn't a problem. I hope I keep the speed work up because I would like to beat my best 1/2 time of 1:52, that I did with Becca in Indy, but let's just say I'm shooting for under 2 hours for now!

After the workout Michael and I tiredly headed back home. I attended to my Becker classes a bit more while Michael did his usual Internet surfing. Well then it was time for the UK game. We won't really discuss that. You know, they just tend to disappoint while playing away. That's all I'm saying.

Well I was a kinda bad mentor today, not really, but I had told Adrielle I'd get her at 4 and I guess my long run really tuckered me out cause I feel asleep on the couch after the game, like passed out. I woke up at like 10 til 4 and rushed to get Adrielle. She's been asking to play "Guitar Hero" on the Wii for weeks, so we played for about an hour. My wrists were killing me afterward but it was fun! When I took Adrielle home she gave me and Michael Valentines with mini Airheads in them. Dang, I hadn't even thought about getting her something. FAIL MENTOR. Maybe I could get her something for next week?!

Well tonight was also the night that Michael and I decided would be best to celebrate Valentines Day, considering I have a midterm on Monday and his schedule is super unpredictable (today was Michael's first day off in like 10 days, he works tomorrow morning). We originally planned on Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops but then all of the sudden out of the blue Michael's mom is at our house with a basket full of Valentines Day goodies for us!! You rock Jan! In this basket she had 2 mushroom and spinach stuffed chicken breasts from Critchfield's Meat Market, 2 different slices of pie, a bottle of sparkling wine, Chocolate covered pretzels and a Valentines day card!

It was soooo sweet of her to bring over and we switched our dinner plans to chicken. We also had homemade mashed potatoes and broccoli casserole (I like to have my veggies plain, but I think Michael gets tired of plain peas, green beans, corn, etc, so we spiced it up with a cheesy casserole, can't go wrong with cheese!).
The apron Azra made me for a bridal shower!
 Dinner was great. We had it by candlelight. The candles we used were given to us by Miss Amanda Myser at a bridal shower.  She gave us a whole bunch of different colored candles that had different meanings.

The candles for today were bright pink and are for your first Valentines Day together. Also, just so you all know, Pandora has Valentines Day stations so we listened to that in the background! After a lovely dinner we popped open the sparkling wine and used 1 of the 5 sets of champagne glasses we own. I had never had this stuff before and it was yummy and sweet. I decided to give Michael his Valentines Day gift then. I had ordered him 2 different baseball shirts (baseball season is quickly approaching, yay warmness!), the Indians and the Cardinals. Michael loves baseball and these are his 2 teams, although he is kind of ashamed of the Indians (I liked the Indians shirts better than the St. Louis shirt I got him anyway!). But he was very surprised by the gifts! Afterward, we nestled down to watch our recorded Thursday night comedies together, 30 rock, The office,  and Community.

Funny scene of Michael opening the sparkling wine:
Cork about to pop out
Do you see the tail the cork made out of the bottle?!

enjoying his candlelight dinner!

Enjoying it as well!
One last thing. Carson is famous. Yes, yes he is. What you don't believe it? Check out the awesome Kroger "Value" brand of dog food Michael found at Kroger today (which, by the way was like $4, this stuff has got to be full of flavor and nutritional ingredients for our dogs, right?! haha). That little sneaky dog has been creeping out of the house to be a dog model, displaying himself for the world to see on dog food bags. Crazy thing. He better watch himself!

Well that was our "Valentines-ish Day". Hope you enjoyed your Saturday and goodnight!

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