Sunday, February 13, 2011

Reasons to Envy my day...

Some of these you may realistically be envious of, others may just imply sarcasm and I'm really looking for sympathy!...

Reason #1- LEGGO OF MY EGGO!

Yes, today, for dinner I had Eggo waffles. Please be jealous, because I have been craving them all weekend and my lovely husband picked them up yesterday and I haven't had the opportunity to eat them until tonight. And they made me completely happy.

Oh, and in case you were unaware. There are rules for eating/preparing Eggos. First of all, you do NOT microwave them. Apparently Michael microwaves them and eats them like tacos dipped in syrup. Weird. Weird. Weird. NO, you MUST toast them, to the perfect crispiness. Then you must apply a limited amount of butter, cut them evenly based on the squares on the waffle and then smother in syrup. The end.

Reason #2 - Awesome dog family

Ok, so I seem obsessed with my dogs, right?! I'm really not, I promise, they kind of are like children though! Well today at Michael's parents house, Michael's sister Andrea brought her 2 dogs, Brit and Jemaine, over for lunch. It was an awesome dog party. Which one is not like the other?! Willis of course haha! Jan, Michael's mom, is feeding them leftover lamb and has the full attention of the puppy brigade! Super cute!

Reason #3 - Studying is super cool

Ok this is one of those sarcastic ones...but hey....I learned some stuff today. What did you learn?! I'm sure you were relaxing, watching tv or enjoying the nice weather or something...well I was ...uh...expanding the wealth of knowledge in my brain. So. be. jealous.

Reason #4- My bible study group is awesome!

You wouldn't even understand this because of how awesome they are. But we make jokes together. Laugh together. Share the Word together. And pray for each other together. How awesome is that?

Reason #5 - Husband off work at 9:30 AM

Who wouldn't want to hangout with such a big stud for the day?! I mean, he's pretty awesome and helpful and cool. So you should be envious!

Reason #6 - I had THREE, read it, THREE desserts with my lunch today! AND freshly baked by Mrs. Catherine Hamilton chocolate chip cookies at Bible Study! (Oh ya know, no big deal, it was a off day from running)

Dessert #1: Bread pudding with whiskey sauce
Dessert #2: Samoas (girlscout cookies) ice cream
Dessert #3: Strawberries dipped in melted chocolate

Reason #7 - (places up north can be envious of this one) RIGHT NOW - it is 49 degrees outside! FINALLY WARMER WEATHER IS ON ITS WAY! What is more exciting than that?! uhhh...not sure, but I am pretty darn excited about feeling my extremities again when I am outside!

Well that's it for today folks, a girl can only do so many things in a day that you should be envious of... :) Hope you all had a great Sunday...what a fun busy busy busy couple of weeks I have coming up!

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