Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Busy as a Bee!

 Today was the typical busy day that I am starting to get used to. I was constantly running around from here to there. I was going to title this blog, "I am a chicken with no head" but then I couldn't do a picture of that, that is WAY too graphic for my liking! Gross, headless chickens :)

This morning I DID wake up for an early morning treadmill run with Ms. Elyse Hoxby. 
cutie patootie!

 Elyse and I have known each other from high school where we were on the Ryle Cross Country and Track teams together. We always had a blast and Elyse was ALWAYS hilarious! We kind of lost touch through undergrad, I maybe saw her two or three times, but since we both started graduate school we are definitely seeing each other more often (specifically to get our lazy butts into gear through working out). Elyse has signed up for the Derby half, which I will be signing up for shortly!

Back to the workout. Let's just say we both had a hard time getting motivated this morning, but we both made it to the gym by 6:50. Ok, let's be honest, I literally came in the gym with bed head and maybe I didn't have time to brush my teeth?! (ick, gross, I am sorry to mention that, but if you are a runner like me, brushing your teeth right before a run is a terrible idea, it totally dries out your mouth, sorry for the grossness, but I did drink a glass of water beforehand). And like I didn't touch my hair, I had my Ryle Track hood up, I was either straight sloppy or gangster, which is to be determined! By my hair was definitely sticking out at weird angles on it's own! Ya know since I looked like a crazy zombie girl, I would of course run into one of my classmates, who looked super chipper for 6:50 AM! Crazy!! Anyway, Elyse and I set the goal of 40 minutes on the treadmill, we did it, but let's be honest, we didn't look very good!

Exhausted afterwards, I rushed home, being blown across town by the INTENSE winds and showered and ate breakfast as quickly as I could because I had to be back up at the library at 10, then it was a group project from 10-1:30, then straight to the Gatton college of Biz for another group meeting at 2, then class at 3. WHEW after all of that I was very tired.

I have allowed myself to relax for the past hour and a half, checking facebook, sending emails, watching last night's Teen Mom and Parenthood (funny that the show I watch on Wednesdays have to do with being parents, teehee!). Plus, it is 6:50, and I haven't really heard from Michael but he has yet to be home. Hopefully he hasn't blown away!

Speaking of blowing away, you should have seen HOW COOL I looked ALL day. So, you see, since I needed approx. a bazillion things for all these group projects and class I had to pack it all in my backpack. Well carrying that all around campus is pretty hard, especially when you weigh about 105 pounds haha. Well the weather didn't help the cool factor. I literally felt like my body was in the shape of a 90 degree angle when I was walking around all day due to the extreme weight in my pack and the mighty gusts of winds that tore through UK's campus. To sum it up, my neck and back hurt from lugging around all this shizzzz!

OHHH and I almost forgot to tell you about what I got to do last night!

So remember that I am still clearing up from the eternal death illness?! Well since I hadn't worked out in nearly 4 days I decided it would be a good idea to workout, ya know, even though I still wasn't feeling 100%. I'll have to say I was at about 65%. Well I wanted to do Zumba and got there early, so I was like hey, it's a good idea to run a mile beforehand. Well that was tiring, good thing my lungs had shrunk to the size of a marble when I got sick. Then it was time for Zumba, WHEWWWWW, I made it through the whole class, but I'm tellin' ya, it was hard. My face was all pale, side stitches, extreme to the max sweating. Luckily I warned my instructor beforehand to ignore the confused looking girl that might look like she's dying during the dancing. But hey, I pulled through and it's a great cardio workout!

After Zumba, Michael picked me up (it was raining buckets upon buckets) and we went out to the "condo", Bailey and Tim Robertson's house for dinner! (more high school friends, Bailey is one of my besties!)

Bailey and Tim made the largest Turkey meatloaf I have EVER seen, I mean ginormous! I wish I had a picture to show you the size, but it took up an entire cookie sheet! They also made mashed potatoes and yummy carrots! Luckily they had a large crowd to feed this enormous amount of food. Guests included: The Kastens (us), Ms. Olivia (whom I had not seen in forever and was totally glad she could make it), Ms. Becca, Mr. Cody Lokits, Mr. Micah Forman, Ms. Mollie Stewart and her lovely boyfriend Hagan. The food was yummy and awesome, the UK wildcats bball team on the other hand was not. I will not even speak about that! But that summed up the night, because shortly afterwards Michael and I returned home and hit the hay.

Although i have been super busy I have enjoyed being able to exercise, get work done, see friends, and finally relax for a little while tonight before I hit the homework again!

I hope none of you have blown away in this crazy windy weather!! Oh and aren't we glad that Phil the Groundhog said we will be seeing spring soon?! I sure hope we do!


  1. So I was reading about hemicorporectomy which led me to decapitation and I found this guy:

    Ironic, since he's a chicken with his head cut off. Not too graphic at all.

  2. that comment was by Michael by the way, he's sleepy and not paying very much attention