Monday, February 7, 2011

Sledding Grandparents

So remember when I blogged about my grandparents (who are in their mid 80s) going sledding in Atlanta last month?! Well, I have pictures to prove it and I thought that you might enjoy them!  They mailed them to me and I scanned them in. Here they are, aren't they super cute?!?!

Grandpa Chuck, all ready to go!

Grandma Helen excited about the run!

Grandpa braving the hill!

Grandma headed downhill!
My Grandparents are the best! I hope Michael and I still have such a fun attitude when we are their ages!

(this is my post for the day, accept it! :) )

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  1. I enjoyed that...and what really caught my eye is the type of sled they used! I have one like that from when I was a kid! It is just like brand new and the reason is those stupid sleds would always dig into the mud, it was like trying to ice skate in the must have been alot colder there for this one to be able to work.

    Now I hang mine out at Christmas to use for a decoration.

    ps I chose anonymous on the post....don't really know why...signed me, Vanna's Mom