Saturday, February 26, 2011

Silly Victoria Secret Models!

So I'm sitting here in bed. About to dive into the Victoria Secret SWIMSUIT catalog (notice I am wearing pajama pants, a sweatshirt and bundled up in my bed) and I am just so mad at these girls (ok, maybe not girls, I mean they are barely dressed, um women?! models?!) for 2 reasons:

1. They are in a tropical location. It appears the sun is shining. It appears to be so warm that they are only wearing bathing suits. Some of those bathing suits being hardly there. So warm that they are in the water. Oh gosh. I would not get in water that I found in Lexington, I would freeze. What a lovely thought of sunshine and warmth. Maybe one day in a few months I will be able to experience such a grand idea! Although unlike these girls I probably won't roll around in the sand. Who likes having sand stuck all over you, plus, it always seems to find a way into your hair, ears, and even mouth, that gritty crunchy taste of sand..mmmm.... and I definitely will not be wearing jewelry with my bathing suit. That just seems dangerous. Choking hazard anyone?! Or having an earring ripped out from a riveting game of beach volleyball?! OUCH!
Hello there mister sunshine!

2. These girls are tan. I am pasty. Ew. Sometimes it just makes you feel better about yourself when you're tan. I feel like my legs are 2394093 times more awesome when they have more color on them. This is not a vain comment, I'm just sayin'. A good ol' tan makes a girl feels good! I know, it is unhealthy to be brown as leather. I'm saying I enjoy the healthy looking, I'm active tan look. You get my gist. I just don't like when my skin matches my socks when I'm running in shorts at the gym. Sunshine, I welcome you. Please come! :)

Those were just a few thoughts! I hope you enjoyed your Saturday!! I know I did (well except for the 5 hours spent at the library and the 2 hours working on a paper at home, otherwise a pretty grand day!) OH and Michael and I filed our taxes today! Married Filing Jointly! WOO WOO! And me, being the tax return loving accountant, it was a pretty thrilling experience. D.O.R.K.


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