Sunday, February 20, 2011

I wish it was one of those lazy Sundays!

Hey yall, its about bedtime so this will be quick here's a recap of the day:

7:30 - Eggos for breakfast, you know it!
7:45-10:00 - HOMEWORK
11:30 - Church with the hubs
1:00 - Qdoba with my Daddy and my hubs!
2-6: Homework, Cleaning, Homework, Cleaning, Grocery, Cleaning
6:30 - Bstud at our house
10:30 bedtime

This week is the start of a pretty testing and trying week. 1 group paper is due tomorrow. Group presentation Tuesday and CPA exam on Friday, which I have not had a ton of time to prepare for. I would love to have your positive thoughts and prayers this week! Much love!

I'll leave you with one of my favorite Glee songs from this past week's episode
"Sing" - My Chemical Romance


  1. Oh and happy 50th post to me!!! wooo!

  2. Ok... if your eyelid starts jumping this week then you know you are too stressed and need to back off a bit!! How about that for some sound
    advice? Love ya lots, Aunt Carin