Sunday, February 27, 2011

Considering the haircuts

I want your opinion. I haven't had my haircut since August and I'm trying to decide whether or not to get my haircut like last time.  The positives of short hair, it actually has a style. The positives of long hair, I can pull it back, especially with running all the time I like being able to put it in a bun when I run. I don't know why girls become so attached to their hair but every time you cut it, its always hard the next time you get it cut.
Short Straight hair
Short Curly Hair
Short hair pony bun capabilities and bobby pins...urgh...annoying!

Long Curly Hair
The nasty "I ran 9 miles" bun, please don't judge!
Long straight hair
So this post is semi-lame. But since I normally only have Michael's opinion on haircuts, he always just tells me to do what I wanna. So tell me your opinion. You may not even be able to tell a difference, but oh well. (if you don't wanna comment you can vote in the poll on the right!)


  1. I voted no, because I am trying to grow mine out, and the ponytail/bobby pin mess is so annoying! But I love your hair curly!

  2. I vote no. Grow it out and donate it, and use that as an excuse to keep it long longer :)

  3. I vote no as well! i got mine cut off and am totally regreting it! i hate that i have to style it every day and hate the ponytail bobby pin thing too!